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Make the outdoors great

Your perfect oasis awaits in your own backyard

Over the last few years, outdoor spaces have increasingly become the preferred destination for gathering with family and friends. More than ever, our backyards, patios, pergolas, decks and gardens are becoming places of refuge where we connect with nature and each other. 

Here are some ideas for bringing ambience, beauty and function to your outdoor living areas:


Outdoor kitchens have contributed to to the popularity of outdoor entertaining spaces. While this is happening internationally, it’s a trend perfectly suited to the lifestyle and climate here on the Gulf Coast. An outdoor kitchen is an investment worth making if you have the space. There’s nothing like dining on your back porch on a beautiful spring evening! 


Garden to plate is one trend that’s easy to adopt. There’s been a considerable push toward organic gardening and homegrown produce, especially in the last year or so. Gardens make a practical, yet stunning, feature in your outdoor space. Raised garden beds are a staple for horticulture aficionados, and they seem to be gaining traction in 2022. 

If you have a small area, you can use planters to create the same effect. Herbs and leafy greens are great place to start if you are a novice green thumb like me. 


There’s much be said for a garden filled with coastal native plants. Not only are they sustainable and low maintenance, but they’re also a great way to attract native wildlife such as insects, lizards, butterflies, birds and bees. 


Is there anything more uplifting and calming than a flower garden in full bloom? It’s no surprise that bright, vibrant flowers will be the hot topic in spring this year. Mix and match your planters and disperse plenty of greenery amidst all the color. 


Channel the calm and beauty of the outdoors with a color scheme that takes cues from nature, and nourish your soul with plant-based hues that promote vitality, rest and balance. I recommend Phifer’s Nature Walk collection, which is brimming with lush greens, rich wood tones and creamy neutrals. 


In choosing your outdoor furniture, you’ll want to pick pieces that can stand up to the elements in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture is my top recommendation to any clients wanting to update their outdoor spaces. Their recycled plastic poly furniture is weather resistant, virtually maintenance free and designed to accent your outdoor environment.

Jennifer Miller is a certified interior designer, professional home stager and the president of Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging. Reach her at

Written by Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller is a certified interior designer, professional home stager and the president of Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging. Reach her at

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