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Delivering dreams while wearing heels

Jennifer Miller, owner of Jennuwine Design, brings clients’ visions to life


For many years, when her friends and relatives needed help decorating their homes, Jennifer Miller was their go-to expert. 

Little has changed, but the York, Pennsylvania, native now makes a living from her talent. She developed a fondness for fashion and design early in life — thanks largely to her aunt, who owned a home staging company. 

“As a little girl, she would take me with her on various jobs and teach me what she was doing and why; I remember soaking it all in,” Miller recalls. “My skills as an artist, extreme attention to detail and love of all things design made for a beautiful transition into the home decor industry.” 

Miller’s gifts ultimately prompted her to found Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging, the overall winner of Gulf Coast Woman’s Best Small Businesses Contest. Dozens of businesses from across the Coast were nominated, and Miller’s interior design firm received 269 votes to claim the top honors. 

“I am so humbled, honored, grateful and overjoyed,” Miller says. “I have always supported small businesses.” 

In 2016, a friend encouraged her to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Richard Kiyosaki — a book she credits with changing her life. She went on to co-found a real estate investment property firm with two other business partners. 

“It was my responsibility to design each property before flipping it; I worked directly with the contractors to verify that the job was done accurately and on schedule,” Miller recalls. “Then, I staged each home prior to listing it, and business boomed! Clients fell in love with my creative abilities, and in 2018, I branched out on my own.” 


She came to the Coast in January of 2020, and soon after arriving, she met a real estate professional who recently had started flipping houses. One particular property had failed to sell for months, but after Miller worked her staging magic, multiple offers came in, and the house sold within four weeks. 

“As a result of the open house, I was able to get four new customers in only three days,” she says. “As word of mouth about me traveled up and down the Coast, so did my business.” 

Today, Miller is renown not only for her design skill, but also for her footwear. Some have come to call her “the lady who moves furniture in stilettos.” 

“It has become my brand,” she says. “Whether I’m decorating a room, consulting with a client, painting, or simply shopping for home furnishings, you will find me in a classy dress and high heels most every day.” 


Stilettos aside, Miller takes pride in heading a women-owned-and-operated business that offers full-service residential and commercial interior design and decorating, e-design, professional home staging for vacant, occupied or short-term rentals, special event decorating and custom artwork. Entrepreneurs Herald named her one of the Top 10 Interior Designers to Take Inspiration From in 2021, and she also was named Best of the Best for Home Staging Excellence 2022 by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. 

Many clients have high praise for Miller, too, including Dr. Shaun McKee, who calls her “a joy to work with.” 

“She carefully listens to my ideas and offers a few tailored suggestions promptly,” he says. “Once I select my choice, she makes it happen seemingly magically.” 


With every project, Miller strives to create spaces that are functional, authentic, and unique. Whatever changes and challenges may come, she commits herself to going above and beyond for her clients, keeping her word and giving back wherever possible. 

“More than anything, I would say that I am humbled and appreciative of the countless blessings that God has given me in my life …,” she says. “When I see the smile on the client’s face, it is a compliment I always love to receive!” 



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