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How I built my business: Janice Spencer

I started my own business desiring financial freedom, and embracing opportunity motivated me. I love being in control, and being an entrepreneur allowed me to be my own boss. However, like anything in life, being a successful entrepreneur requires a healthy balance between freedom and control. I knew as my business grew, the work would become more challenging, and I’d have more responsibility. Because I was a single mother, schedule flexibility was important. Setting my own hours allowed me to work overtime either late at night or early in the morning as necessary. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to being an entrepreneur, I decided the risk would be worth the reward. I had a great idea, and I was ready to make it a reality. 

On July 11, 2013, royalty met class, and Epitome Cheveux was born. I noticed salon clients had to search for reasonable prices for wigs and hair extensions and then wait for shipments to arrive. Why not supply women with elegant-looking, virgin hair extensions and luxury wigs with the added benefit of convenience? I was inspired by other companies that were providing similar services. I searched, invested, tested and lost profits, but I gained knowledge and several choices of high-quality extensions imported from outside the United States. 

My idea needed a name, not to mention a website, samples, models and advertising — whatever it took to launch these products as soon as possible. However, it was not that simple, and financially, I had to settle for what I could afford. For six months, I worked and invested in my business having started with $300. Here we are nine years later, and I own a wig and hair extension boutique, which has a physical and online presence. 

As a business owner, every day will be challenging, but I believe entrepreneurs can change the world. Our ideas are unconventional, and you must have an imagination and a dash of insanity to stay focused. My best advice is to never stop asking questions and learning; this facilitates growth. Don’t get comfortable with your knowledge, and stay excited about your dreams and goals. Never lose sight of the genuine reasons why you were inspired to start your own business in the first place. 

Janice Spencer is the owner of Epitome Cheveux in Gulfport. You can reach her at (469) 888-3808.

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