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Hello, fashion, my old friend

Fashion expert Brenda Blount gives us her top six trends for spring/summer

1) Soft colors — You can never go wrong with color. According to Paris Fashion Week 2021, yellow is the color of the moment, along with blue and, dare I say it, lavender. 

I am not a fan of lavender, but I am a big fan of Versace, which showed pinks, blues and lime, along with companion prints. The lavender and mint colors together were not jarring. 

2. Jackets — What you must have this spring is a jacket — but not just any jacket. Look for an oversized jacket with details, or add your own with pins, buttons and flowers. 

3. Layered gold chains — Yes, dig out all your gold from the ‘80s because it’s back. 

4. Mismatched earrings — I love that this trend is no longer just chic on rockers. It’s going mainstream. 

5. Slides and mules — Please ditch the flip flops and pick up a pair of slides. 

6. Mom jeans — No longer fodder for late-night comedians. mom jeans are hot. Skinny jeans are out! I, for one, am happy to bid adieu to skinny jeans. 

Brenda Blount, director of development for the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, has a background that includes stints as a retail and fashion merchandising executive, image consultant, stylist, pageant coach and model. She helps others refine their personal and professional image through A Better You Image Transformation. Reach her at 

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