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Feeling overwhelmed? Take a doctor’s advice for finding balance

By Dr. Lainie Jorns

“Organized chaos” is how Dr. Lainie Jorns describes her typical work week of juggling family activities and busy schedules. She is a wife, mother and family medicine doctor who, like most women, must find ways to manage multiple roles and responsibilities. 

As a physician, “I love getting to know people and finding out ways to make them feel better,” she says. “It is so enjoyable to get to know whole families, and it’s very meaningful to see improvement in patients’ health and the way that it impacts their lives.” She describes a normal week as “usually long hours at work, followed by softball practices, dance practice or gymnastics, followed by family time, homework, bedtime and more work to catch up on.” 

How does she find balance? Here are her top tips: 


“Balance to me is achieved by understanding that it takes support to be able to juggle being a wife, mother and doctor,” she says. 

“It really does take a village. Without the support of my husband, kids, parents, in-laws, siblings, family and friends, I couldn’t achieve a work-life balance. They make it possible for me to try to be successful in all areas of my life.” 

Having family nearby is an incredible benefit, but it’s not a reality for everyone. Try to establish a support system with families you meet during your child’s activities or explore a new hobby where you can make new friends. While these connections may take some time to develop, building a network of people you can trust and lean on will benefit you and your family. 


Even if you can only dedicate a short amount of time to taking a break, make it a priority. 

“I try to get downtime every day for at least 15 min or so. Whether that is a walk, a TV show, a bubble bath, or exercise, it is just a few minutes per day to unwind and let my mind relax,” Jorns says. “Also, my faith is very important to me, and I strive to keep my faith central in my day-to-day life.” 

When they have more time, the Jorns family usually can be found enjoying LSU games, swimming, traveling, playing sports, hiking, fishing and going to concerts. 


Dr. Jorns understands how unnecessary expectations can creep in, leading to additional stress. She admits, “We are quick to judge ourselves as women if we aren’t perfect at everything, but we need to be proud of all that we are able to do. Ambition to have it all is a great goal, but it’s hard to achieve without something usually breaking down in your life. So, you’re going to need help, and that is perfectly fine.” 

Dr. Lainie Jorns has been a family medicine physician at Memorial Health System since 2014. She is located at Memorial Physician Clinics Pass Christian Family Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Jorns by visiting 

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