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How to create a wedding look for the ages

On your big day, settle for nothing less than you at your most beautiful

A good example of a classic look. This bride had rusts and blushes in her bouquet, so we wanted to bring that together with a soft hairstyle and very natural, neutral colors highlighting her eyes.

In today’s world of YouTube and TikTok, it seems everyone has an opinion on makeup and hair trends, so how do you know what’s right for your big day? Here is some helpful advice to point you in the right direction:

• First, take a look around — not at what others are doing, but at the rest of your wedding details: your dress, the colors in your flowers, the time of day, the venue, etc. Those should all play an important part in helping you choose a style or look.

When chosen properly, the hair and makeup is the final flourish to your painting. It all works together. You don’t want to focus on pinks, for example, if you are going with rust colors in your bouquet; or a super boho loose braid if you have a very classic dress. Every piece of the puzzle must come together seamlessly to create your perfect look.

We created a soft, smoky eye for this bride to match her venue’s ambiance.

• That being said, there are definitely trends you can consider. What we are seeing now is a shift toward natural — an “understated elegance,” if you will. There’s a focus on playing up your best features. Do you have amazing eyes? Let’s emphasize them. Great lips? Perfect! Go for a signature, long-wearing shade that complements the rest of your wedding colors, but keep it simple. And while I always recommend lash enhancements for photos, don’t go overboard. Whether you do extensions or falsies, understated is best; otherwise, that’s all you see.

This classic chignon is a style that will be beautiful today and in 50 years.

• Hair is subjective, but follow what feels right for you. Don’t like your hair up? Go for a look that keeps some of your locks down. Have natural curls? Highlight them. That makes for the best updos! No matter what you decide, just make sure it feels comfortable. The last thing you want is to be fussing with your hair throughout the event.

• Do your research on wedding pros. Just because someone has done your hair for 13 years doesn’t mean he or she knows how to handle your big day. Pick a person or team who specializes in weddings. Not only will your look turn out more seamless, but your day will run more smoothly with less stress. Look at reviews from other brides. Those wedding awards? They’re there for a reason.

This bride was going a little more dramatic with a cathedral-length veil, so we used a black liquid liner to give her eyes some definition.

• Specialists may know their stuff, but communication is key. Schedule a trial so you can tweak your look if necessary. And don’t be afraid to say that you want to change something. If you hire a pro, he or she will want you to feel beautiful — and open and honest communication is how that happens.

A final piece of advice: While something may be on-trend today, these pictures and moments are meant to last a lifetime. You want to be proud of how you looked when you show your grandchildren in 60 years. Above all, your wedding look should simply be the most beautiful version of you.

Written by Heather Dubuisson

Heather Dubuisson is owner, wedding specialist, stylist and makeup artist at HD Hair and Makeup. Reach her at or follow her on social media at @hdhairandmakeup.


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