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Best Places to Eat 2021

Some of the best food in the country can be found right here in Coastal Mississippi. And thanks to our region’s rich cultural diversity, the fare is as varied and authentic as it is delicious. We asked our audience to pick their top restaurants by category. See how your favorite spots fared in polling.



1212 Government St. Ocean Springs 

(228) 215-1114 

Chef: AJ Weatherford 

Owner(s): Brandon Atwell, Frankie Penn and Thomas Young 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? First, our barbecue is the best! We work hard to ensure consistency. We have hired and trained what I believe to be the best staff on the Coast. It is important to us for our guests not only to be offered the best food, but a friendly atmosphere, great selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and top-notch service. 

What is your most popular menu item? We have several that run neck-and-neck in sales. Our burnt ends are trimmed right from our smoked brisket. People contact us even in the middle of the night on social media asking about it. The wings are deliciously seasoned, smoked to perfection, flash fried for crispness and then tossed in the sauce of your heart’s desire. They’re so good, many eat them naked. Our ribs are so good that after one bite, you’ll understand why God used ribs to make women — because they are heavenly and the best!

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Tay’s BBQ 
  • Yul’s Place 
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 
  • The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint 



4013 Beatline Road, Suite C, Long Beach 

(228) 222-4145 

Chef: Stefanie Jantz 

Owner(s): Stefanie Jantz 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We offer fresh, homemade bagels baked every morning — serving up a variety of flavors and giving you a new flavor daily. Our bagels are packed with flavor, and we love thinking out of the box to bring you a new twist on bagels, such as our famous tomato basil and pecan pie. 

BagelBees is all about bringing you comfort and more with our desserts and fresh cinnamon rolls every Saturday. We also serve homemade pimento cheese, which has been a crowd favorite, and homemade chicken salad you’re sure to love. There are also healthy items to choose from, such as fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits and broccoli salad. You’re always greeted like family as soon as you walk through the door and will leave with a smile on your face. 

What is your most popular menu item? Our top bagel flavor is the everything bagel, which is loaded with seasonings like garlic, onion, sesame, poppyseed and salt. It goes wonderfully with any sandwich we offer or that you create. 

Our homemade pimento cheese is right up there, too. It’s packed with zest that gives just the right amount of kick and leaves you coming back for more. It is extremely versatile, and you can cook, bake or just slather it on anything and enjoy it to the last schmear.

Other top vote-getters: 

  • A Southern Bagel Company 
  • Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant 
  • Blue Dog Bistro 
  • Fill-up with Billups 
  • A Southern Bagel Company 
  • Lil Market Deli & Bagelry 
  • Last Minute Sweets



3 South Hiern Ave., Pass Christian 

(228) 496-5999 

Chef: Kyle Thomas 

Owner(s): Dana and Thomas Barrett 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We are a beach-side stand offering award-winning fresh seafood tacos, burgers, Nathan’s hotdogs, hand-cut fries, snowballs and more. 

What is your most popular dish? Fresh gulf shrimp tacos

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Mugshots Grill & Bar 
  • Woody’s Roadside 
  • The Rack House Steak & Spirits 
  • Scranton’s Restaurant & Catering 
  • Edd’s Drive-In 
  • Beach Dawgs 
  • Sonic 



504 Jeff Davis Ave., Long Beach 

(228) 867-8949 

Chef: Lindsey Crawford 

Owner(s): Robert Bass and Tom Sawyer 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? The long-standing tradition of great service and great food 

What is your most popular dish? Pasta atchafalaya — shrimp, crawfish, andouille sausage, mushrooms, and garlic in a spicy cream sauce 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Martha’s Tea Room 
  • The Grind Coffee & Nosh 
  • Blue Dog Bistro 
  • Jacked Up Coffee Bar




12068 Intraplex Parkway, Gulfport 

(228) 217-9056 

Owner(s): Bob Taylor, Kevin Fish, Brian Raspberry, Rob Heffner 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Our guests! Thanks to our guests for nominating us in this category. We base our entire menu off of what our guests like. This is why we have different monthly features and constantly are tweaking our menu. From appetizers and entrees to desserts and drinks; we enjoy creating new recipes and getting customer feedback. 

What’s your most popular menu item? Our redfish orleans is by far the perfect representation of a New Orleans-inspired dish — blackened redfish topped with Gulf shrimp sautéed in our original New Orleans-style smoky Cajun sauce and topped with lump crabmeat and Parmesan cheese. Undoubtedly, this is the dish that comes to mind when people think Half Shell Oyster House.

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Bozo’s Seafood Market 
  • Taranto’s Crawfish 
  • Mary Mahoney’s 
  • Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar



6716 Washington Ave., Ocean Springs 

(228) 327-2444 

Chef: Clement and Cadeem Brown 

Owner(s): Clement and Cadeem Brown 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? What makes us the best restaurant is the authenticity of our food and the fact it is prepared here just as it is done back home on the island. Not only that, but you get A-1 service with an A-class smile. Last but not least, the dining environment mimics Jamaica so much that you will have to be reminded you are not on the island. 

What is your most popular menu item? That would have be to our jerk chicken. It is done on a charcoal grill over low heat, which slowly cooks it to tender perfection. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Bonfire Restaurant 
  • El Punto Familiar 
  • Rum Kitchen 
  • Ben’s Deli



20110 Pineville Road, Long Beach 

(228) 864-1933 

Chef: Lucia H. van Norden 

Owner(s): Maxim and Lucia van Norden 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We are a family-owned neighborhood restaurant that offers a variety of dishes, from local to exotic international favorites. Our chef was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, and brings international flavors to everyday favorites. All dishes are made to order and personalized to customer tastes. We have the largest selection of craft beers on the Gulf Coast, and our staff is friendly and efficient. 

What is your most popular menu item? General Tsao chicken — battered, fried chicken pieces made from breast meat, served with fried rice and a crab rangoon and topped with a spicy sauce; shrimp tempura summer roll — spicy, fried shrimp wrapped in rice paper with spring mix, Asian slaw, and spicy mayo; banh mi po’boy — roasted pork with cilantro, spicy mayo, cucumbers, pickled red onions, carrots and radishes served on Gambino po’boy bread. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Koi Sushi 
  • Panda House 
  • China Wok 
  • Asian Paradise 
  • Basil’s Cafe 
  • Kim Long Restaurant 
  • Fresh Vietnamese Bistro and Teahouse




578 Klondyke Road, Long Beach (228) 265-7743 

Chef: Lisa Ryan 

Owner(s): Lisa Ryan 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? I think what helps set us apart is coming up with a blend of flavors that sit outside the box. This can be a challenge at times, but so rewarding when we get it right. Another thing is taking the time to know our customers. Once you’ve come a few times, we will know your name and your drink preferences, and if you never change it up, we will have it ready when you pull up to the window. 

What’s your most popular menu item? Our monthly drink specials 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Coast Roast Coffee & Tea 
  • Jacked Up Coffee Bar 
  • Cat Island Coffeehouse 
  • PJ’s Coffee 



12100 Highway 49 North, Suite 310, Gulfport, 

(228) 731-3249 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Pupuseria Doña Blanca serves authentic Honuran/Latin American food. 

What’s your most popular menu item? The most popular dishes, according to online reviewers, include tacos and pollo con tajadas. 



1114 Government St., Ocean Springs 

(228) 872-2076 

Owner: David Mohler, proprietor of the popular donut shop, died from complications of COVID-19 in January. Tatonut, which he co-owned with his wife, Theresa Mohler, has since been closed but assured Facebook followers it would reopen: “The dough will rise again… we just knead more time! Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned.” 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Home of “the only real donut” and gourmet coffee, we feature donuts made fresh daily and all your favorite coffee and espresso drinks, hot and iced. 

What’s your most popular menu item? Online reviewers rave about the Persian, and blueberry cake donuts are another favorite. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • King Donuts 
  • Krispy Kreme 
  • Shipley Do-Nuts 
  • Anderson’s Bakery 



1670 Pass Road, Suite H, Biloxi 

(228) 432-7888 

Chef: Gus Ravanos 

Owner(s): Gus Ravanos 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We sell the best authentic Greek food. 

What’s your most popular menu item? The Grecian combo plater, which comes with gyro meat, Grecian-style meatballs, stuffed grape leaves, eggplant casserole, a side Greek salad, Greek potato and green beans. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant 
  • Glory Bound Gyro Co. 
  • Country Gentleman 



3840 Promenade Parkway, D’Iberville 

(228) 967-7537 

Owner(s): Lynn Hammons & Shelley Creel 

What makes you the best restaurant? The Yard Milkshake Bar in D’Iberville is like no other. Co-owners Lynn Hammons and Shelley Creel brought this Instagram-worthy ice cream concept to the Coast as the first franchise owners of The Yard Milkshake Bar. The Yard has several ice cream creations to choose from, or you can get creative and build your own. With so many toppings and flavors, the options are endless. Stop by The Promenade in D’Iberville to enjoy the full Yard experience of incredible ice cream creations inside a farmhouse environment. 

What is your most popular menu item? We have a wide variety of specialty shakes to choose from. Our fan favorites are the sea turtle and strawberries and cream. The sea turtle is made with praline pecan and butter pecan ice cream. This shake comes in a chocolate iced jar rolled in crushed waffle cones, with caramel and chocolate drizzles. We top this shake off with turtle candies, whipped cream and more drizzles. 

The strawberries and cream is made with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. It is served in a vanilla iced jar rolled in crushed graham crackers with strawberry puree drizzled inside. This shake has a whole slice of cheesecake on top with whipped cream, more graham crackers and strawberry topping. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Dairy Queen 
  • Quakes Ice Creamery 
  • Bop’s Frozen Custard 
  • Creole Creamery 



63, Hardy Court Shopping Center, Gulfport 

(228) 206-1162 

Chef: Ram Patel 

Owner(s): Bijal Trivedi 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We opened the restaurant seven years ago with the sole purpose of bringing Indian fare to the Gulf Coast. Food plays a crucial role in any culture, and even more so in India. By serving the best quality Indian food, we hope to share a slice of Indian culture and heritage with our diners. Even during the unprecedented times of COVID-19, we did not compromise on our food quality and service. 

What’s your most popular menu item? Chicken tikka masala, cubed boneless chicken pieces cooked in ginger, tomato and garlic-based curry; lamb curry, lamb pieces cooked with gravy of onion, ginger, garlic and spices; chicken tandoori, leg pieces of chicken marinated with yogurt and spices slow cooked in a clay oven.

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Good Karma Café 
  • Thai Lotus



1712 15th St., Suite 100, Gulfport 

(228) 864-2500 

Chef: Rob Stinson 

Owner(s): Rob Stinson 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Salute has always focused on the customer first. Having repeat business is the ultimate achievement for any restaurant, and Salute has grown and matured over 14 years to adapt to our customers and built a very loyal customer base. Salute has been focused on serving fine-dining-quality food at casual-dining prices since day one. 

What’s your most popular menu item? There are several dishes we consider the favorites: tour of Salute, featuring lasagna, chicken parmesan and signature seafood ravioli; eggplant gondola, featuring thin, breaded eggplant fried and topped with signature ravioli; and grilled crab cake over signature seafood angel hair pasta. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Stalla 
  • Italian Garden 
  • Jazzeppi’s 
  • Olive Garden 



2511 25th Ave., Gulfport 

(228) 214-4049

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Samurai Japanese Cuisine is a cornerstone in the Gulfport community and has been recognized for its outstanding sushi cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Our sushi is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality, fresh ingredients. 

What’s your most popular menu item? The most popular menu items, according to online reviewers, include the pink lady roll and spicy tuna roll. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Koi Sushi Gulfport 
  • Fuji Sushi House 
  • Saki 
  • Koi Sushi Biloxi 



1223 Government St., Ocean Springs 

(228) 875-0603 

Chef: Sam Sabagh 

Owner(s): Sam Sabagh 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? At Phoenicia’s, we cook with love and care, providing you with the best quality and freshest ingredients available. Dine with us, sit back and enjoy a unique experience. 

What is your most popular menu item? Chicken shawarma, hummus and pita, snapper with crab, trout Newberg, filet St. Michelle 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Sophi’s Mediterranean Cafe & Market



10027 Central Ave., D’Iberville 

(228) 396-0044 

Chef: Estanislao “Pepe” Perez 

Owner(s): Lilian Perez-Gollott and Shawn Gollott 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We believe that when you truly enjoy what you do, it shows. Everything we do, from creating menu items to picking the freshest ingredients, has a lot of love involved. We enjoy working as a family. We appreciate our Gulf Coast community and the amount of support we have received throughout the years. Every day we remind ourselves that serving you is an amazing opportunity, as you have many other choices, but you picked us. 

What is your most popular menu item? Our most popular dish is the California burrito. It is not only delicious, but also huge. If you are a fan of fajita dinners and cheese sauce, this dish is a must-try. First, we grill chicken, steak, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Then we take an extra-large flour tortilla and add the grilled fajitas and layer it with rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and lettuce. The flour tortilla is then rolled, and the burrito is topped with our cheese sauce. Every bite is an experience. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • El Agave Mexican Restaurant 
  • El Saltillo Mexican Restaurant 
  • Aztecas Restaurant & Cantina 
  • Juan Tequila’s Long Beach



51 Hardy Court, Gulfport 

(228) 864-6555 

Chef: Mark Cruthirds 

Owner(s): Darlene & Mark Cruthirds 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Authentic New York-style pizza 

What is your most popular menu item? Large 20-inch pizza with customers’ choice of topping(s) 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria 
  • C.A. Sarducci’s Pizzeria 
  • New York Pizza 
  • Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria



208 Menge Ave., Pass Christian 

(228) 452-4741 Inc-115289805167488 

What’s your most popular dish? According to Yelp reviewers, the most popular items include roast beef sandwiches and shrimp po’boys. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Newk’s Eatery 
  • Chick-fil-A 
  • Chicken Salad Chick 
  • Quiznos 



3300 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport, Mississippi 

(228) 314-2100 

Chef: Amanda Vazquez 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Our “seasoned” front-and back-of-house staffs are most definitely Beach Boulevard Steamer’s most important assets. The atmosphere is pretty laid back and casual. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. Our menu options are old Gulf Coast favorites with a Creole twist. We encourage the culinary staff to put their own signature touch on each and every dish. Our restaurant staff turnover is fairly low, ensuring consistency from meal to meal. This location has been an important part of the Gulf Coast’s food culture for over 30 years, and local guests enjoy recalling previous visits celebrating special occasions and memorable meals. 

What’s your most popular menu item? This would definitely be our award-winning crab cakes, although our wood-burning grilled items come in a close second with our guests. We use jumbo lump crabmeat blended with a special sauce and just enough cracker crumbs to hold it all together. They are served atop our creole remoulade sauce. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Half Shell Oyster House 
  • Taranto’s Crawfish Poboys & Seafood 
  • Bozo’s Seafood Market 
  • Mary Mahoney’s



1526 Mills Ave., Gulfport 

(228) 214-4287 

Chef: Audrey Duncan 

Owner(s): Audrey Duncan 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We provide exemplary food service utilizing local produce and products. We provide Southern cuisine that feeds the soul. We are also constantly active in giving to members of our community. We are located in the heart of the city to dedicate our time and resources to the community we serve. 

What is your most popular menu item? It would have to be a tie between our homemade baked macaroni and cheese and our seafood gumbo. The mac and cheese is a secret recipe that has a thick, creamy and decadent texture with a secret spice combination that provides a punch of flavor. Our seafood gumbo spotlights local seafood and regional spices. It is a meticulous layering of flavors and Creole essences that come together harmoniously to give your taste buds a culinary experience unlike anything you’ve ever had in your life.

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Savage Skillet 
  • Nana J’s Soulful Kitchen 
  • Mary Mahoney’s 
  • Martin’s Beef Jerky 
  • Exclusive Dining & Catering Co.



White Pillars Restaurant and Lounge 

1696 Beach Blvd., Biloxi 

(228) 207-0885 

Restaurant chef: Austin Sumrall 

Restaurant owner(s): Austin and Tresse Sumrall 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? We feel as though our thoughtful sourcing and approach to food sets us apart. We try to source as many products locally as possible. We also take great care to prepare as much as we can ourselves. Not only do we bake our own breads, churn our own ice cream and cure our own meats, but we even make our own ketchup from whole tomatoes. 

What’s your most popular menu item? We’re not sure that we have a “most popular” dish. We change our menu pretty regularly and with the seasons. I think people are excited to try something new when they come to White Pillars. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Hartz Chicken Buffet 
  • Half Shell Oyster House 
  • Mary Mahoney’s 
  • Fallon’s Gourmet 



1010 Government St., Ocean Springs 

(228) 818-9885 

Chef: Daniel Fowels 

Owner(s): Ken Williams 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Our mission is to celebrate and share international culture and cuisine with our patrons. 

What is your most popular menu item? Seared sushi-grade tuna served with seaweed salad and green onion aioli. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • El Rancho 
  • La Norteña 
  • Blu at Treasure Bay Casino 



3008 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs 

(228) 265-7758 

Chef: Heather Bond 

Restaurant owner(s): Jeff Glouner 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Ownership that is present daily overseeing operations, family-oriented staff and fresh items made daily 

What is your most popular menu item? We have several popular menu items, including our Woody’s burger made with 100 percent fresh-ground Angus beef, topped with applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar and provolone cheese and garnished with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. The shrimp smackers are a crowd-pleasing appetizer featuring our royal red shrimp topped with house-made Woody’s sauce and garnished with thinly sliced cabbage, fresh black bean corn salsa and pico de gallo. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Half Shell Oyster House 
  • The Project Lounge 
  • The Pub Sports Bar 
  • Adventures Pub & Spirits 
  • Prime Cut 
  • The Chimneys 
  • Scranton’s Restaurant & Catering



3300 W Beach Blvd., Gulfport 

(228) 314-2100 

Chef: Anthony Goff 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Our rigorously trained front- and back-of-house staffs are without question the restaurant’s most important assets. While we use only the finest ingredients, we are committed to keeping prices extremely competitive. 

Our comfortably elegant dining room features a wine room filled with special touches including two magnificent Dale Chihuly art glass pieces. Our wine tower rivals that of the best steakhouses in the country. 

What is your most popular menu item? Our beef is selected from the best cuts available and prepared by some of the finest culinary talent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. And while we are best known for great steaks, our seafood dishes are second to none. (Try the Gulf shrimp platter!) 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Whiskey Prime Steak House 
  • Cheryl’s Steakhouse 
  • The Rack House Steak & Spirits 
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House 



2327 25th Ave., Gulfport 

(228) 822-9248 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Our food characterizes quality, commitment and freshness. We strive to preserve the tradition of delectable and authentic Thai and Vietnamese food not only for our reputation, but for your liking. 

What’s your most popular menu item? The most popular menu item, according to Yelp reviewers, include spring rolls and pad Thai. 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Basil’s Cafe 
  • Thai Jasmine Cuisine 
  • VK Noodle House 
  • Sushilicious & Thai



386 Beach Blvd., Biloxi 

(228) 860-3824 

Chef: Lauren Turner 

Owner(s): Lauren Turner 

What makes you the best restaurant in your category? Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, everything made from scratch, accommodates most dietary restrictions, grab-and-go options, daily hot plate specials and affordability 

What is your most popular menu item? Veggie club: truffle pesto hummus, smoked tofu, fried eggplant medallions, melted mozzarella cheese, roasted red bell pepper, zucchini ribbons, red onion, tomato, and greens on multigrain bread 

Other top vote-getters: 

  • Good Karma Cafe 
  • Blue Dog Bistro 
  • Salute 
  • Orchid Indian Cuisine 
  • Magic Vegan Cafe