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2023 Beauty Trends: Low maintenance, high impact

It’s a new year; let’s start fresh!

Speaking of fresh, one of the looks we will be seeing all over in 2023 is minimal. Trends come and go, but a clear, clean-looking complexion is always in style. You can shower, throw your hair up, and apply products like serums, Vitamin c, moisturizer, etc. to make your face feel soft and youthful. Pinch your cheeks, groom your brows and use only the products you need to achieve a natural glow. You will come out looking fantastic with minimal effort.

I recommend Huda Beauty’s Thirst Trap Juice HA3 Peptide Serum, ($47,, which deeply hydrates and leaves your skin feeling plump, bouncy and healthy.

Another great buy is Glossier Boy Brow Grooming Pomade ($17,, which thickens, shapes and grooms brows into place.

I love blush, and it’s sure to be the star of 2023. Bright, pink, red or peachy — the more color, the better. Flush those cheeks! When applying, start at the apple and bring all the way to your temple. Add a bit of mascara and a thin layer of liner. Flesh out with a pink lipstick, and you’ve got a complete look.

A product to try is Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush ($49,, which contains moisturizing shea butter and soothing black rose oil.

One thing I can’t wait to use abundantly this year is sparkle and glitter, and I’m not alone; multidimensional eyes will trend this year. A bit of glitz is essential for prom, Mardi Gras, homecoming or even just a night out on the town. Placing some sparkle above my cheeks as though I were applying a highlight always ensures I have a great night. You could even apply it over the bridge of your nose or use in your hair.

However you use a fun glitter product, it elevates any look instantly. I like Lemonhead LA’s Spacecase Pro Palette ($198 and up,, the holy grail of glitter.

One thing is for sure: This is a great time to really start fresh and clean out all your old makeup that isn’t bringing you joy. If you haven’t used it in a few months, toss it. Clean your brushes if you have not recently. Shampoo them, then sanitize with alcohol. Do not keep old sponges around, as they breed bacteria, and make sure to store your applicators properly. Throw your makeup bag in the wash or wipe it down.

Also remember to stock up on makeup remover, wipes and face wash. Keep your skin clean, and let’s start this new year off right!

Written by Brittney Johnson

Brittney M. Johnson is an independent makeup artist based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Reach her at

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