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Winter skincare essentials

Tips for healthy, vibrant skin

As we transition into winter, our skin changes and adapts to various environmental factors. With less humidity and the introduction of artificial heat sources (on the rare occasion that we need them in South Mississippi), our skin tends to get drier, which can speed up our aging process.

So, let’s cover some essential skin facts we should know to keep us looking our best for as long as possible.


There is a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer, which couldn’t be more wrong. Skin’s natural oil production goes into overdrive when moisturizers aren’t a part of our daily routine. When we counterbalance overproduction of oil with a moisturizer made for oily skin, we can slow down the production of oil and give those glands a break in the healthiest way possible, which will create a lovely, healthy balance of moisture on the skin.


Moisturizer is key, but there are several other steps to truly healthy skin. For instance, we need to start with a good weekly exfoliation. By removing the dead cells on the skin’s surface, we allow the oil and sebum trapped underneath to escape.

Bear in mind that you can over-exfoliate your skin, which can cause sensitivity. Also, by using a natural exfoliant (such as apricot scrubs) you can create micro tears in the skin that can lead to build ups of bacteria and breakouts.

I recommend using a round micro polish with smooth edges once or twice a week. Retinol also can help with exfoliation, so if you are using a retinol product for anti-aging, don’t manually exfoliate more than once a week.


Toner is another key component to our skincare routine. When we wash our skin, the pH balance leans one way or another based on the skin care and the water that we are using. Toner actually brings our pH levels back where they belong.

So, make sure that you are using a good cleanser, followed by a toner, and then finish up with your specialty products (serums, etc.) and moisturizer. Getting into this practice will ensure that your skin stays healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Written by Heather Dubuisson

Heather Dubuisson is owner, wedding specialist, stylist and makeup artist at HD Hair and Makeup. Reach her at or follow her on social media at @hdhairandmakeup.


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