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Will varicose veins go away naturally?

The short answer in no, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with them

Varicose veins are a common concern, especially as we age and enter certain stages of life like pregnancy. One frequently asked question is whether varicose veins will go away naturally. Unfortunately, those bulging, twisted veins on your legs, which can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, will not disappear on their own and can lead to more serious health problems. Let’s delve into why varicose veins develop and ways you can make them disappear, boost your circulation and protect your vascular health.


When the valves within veins weaken or become damaged, vein disease can develop. A vein’s purpose is to pump blood back to the heart. When it doesn’t function properly, blood can pool in the veins, causing them to enlarge and become varicose. Some factors attributed to vein valve malfunction can be obesity, genetics, age, pregnancy and prolonged periods of standing or sitting.


Since we know that varicose veins will not repair themselves and disappear on their own, what can we do? Fortunately, you can take certain steps to rid your legs of these problematic veins. While lifestyle changes like elevating your legs, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and wearing compression stockings can help manage the symptoms associated with vein disease, the only way to eliminate varicose veins is to seek minimally invasive medical vein treatments performed by a vein specialist. A board-certified vein specialist offers non-surgical, outpatient procedures that work by collapsing or sealing off the damaged veins and rerouting blood flow to heathy veins. Not only will your circulatory system say, “thank you,” but patients can enjoy relief from symptoms like leg pain, swelling, cramping, skin discoloration and itching.

While varicose veins may not disappear on their own, they can be safely and effectively treated with medical interventions and managed with lifestyle changes. By taking proactive steps and seeking guidance from a vein specialist, those who are suffering can alleviate their symptoms, improve their legs’ appearance and enhance their overall quality of life.

Written by Dr. Keith Thompson

Dr. J. Keith Thompson is a board-certified vein surgeon and the medical director of the Vein Institute in D’Iberville and Hattiesburg. Dr. Thompson also serves on committees of the American Venous Forum, a leading organization for shaping vein policy and training vascular surgeons across the country. Visit for more information.

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