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Rich past, bright future

Vu family thrives in Coastal Mississippi

In 1982, Quynh and Hai Vu moved their family to Biloxi, Mississippi. Quynh had been laid off from his job at a nuclear plant in Port Gibson, Mississippi, and wasn’t sure what to do next. Luckily, some friends who worked in Biloxi’s shrimping industry offered to show him the ropes, and the family made the move.

Thus began a new chapter in the Vu family’s life, filled with determination, resilience and unforgettable moments. Today, we learn about the family through Hai (Anna) and their daughter, Suzie, who is now married to Le Bui.


After years of hard work, Quynh Vu bought their shrimp boat, “The Sea Hawk.” Sadly, Quynh became paralyzed in a car accident in 1992. But according to Suzie Bui, her father’s accident didn’t dampen his love for life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he continued to thrive for 16 more years. The Gulf Coast community embraced the Vu family, providing comfort and strength during challenging times.

Suzie and her dad
“The Sea Hawk”

Bui, who was just 6 years old when they moved, gushed over the Coast’s transformation since their arrival. She attributes much of the growth to the military bases and the job and entertainment opportunities afforded by local casinos. Having been on the Coast since her parents voted to bring the casinos on land, Suzie excitedly witnessed many of the changes to the landscape since then.

Bui once moved to a metropolitan area for a year, seeking a busier lifestyle. But it wasn’t long before she missed the people of the Coast.

“It’s more of a family, and everybody here is more welcoming,” she says. “People invite you to their homes. It’s just like you never meet a stranger. Everyone seems more relaxed and interested in you as a person.”


Seven years ago, Vu entrusted Bui with her nail salon in Waveland, where they both still work. Bui’s career journey has been diverse, including roles in the casino industry before a transition to the spa and salon industry. She casually mentions giving pop star Brittney Spears a massage many years ago.

Vu and Bui both acknowledge a growing trend of people moving to the Coast for a more enjoyable and peaceful lifestyle. They speak highly of the local schools, with the Bui children attending Biloxi schools. Bui particularly commends North Bay Elementary, describing it as “wonderful.” She thinks area schools and the Coast itself give children endless opportunities to thrive and have fun with their families.

As the family has grown, so have their horizons. Bui’s son, Kevin, is in the last year of a dual fellowship in neurology, and her daughter, Kayla, recently graduated in biomedical engineering. Kayla shares her expertise at an Oklahoma hospital, and Kevin is scouting hospitals nationwide for his practice.

Both love coming home to the Coast to see its continued growth and prosperity. The family’s youngest daughter, Alyvia, is a sophomore at Biloxi High School, and the future is full of promise.

Hai Vu and Suzie Bui


But the best part of living on the Gulf Coast, according to Bui, is the Southern hospitality. The community is close-knit and welcomes everyone warmly, creating a sense of belonging and a memorable living experience. The Coast is a melting pot of diverse cultures, an embodiment of an incredible lifestyle and a haven for delectable cuisine.

“No matter what you are craving, from any culture,” Bui says, “we have it here.”

Many of Vu and Bui’s clients appreciate Coastal Mississippi for its affordability, friendly communities and beautiful surroundings. Retirees and young families are attracted to the Coast for its affordable homes and relaxed lifestyle.

“Many have told us it’s the ideal place to call home,” Bui says, “and they don’t miss the hustle and bustle they have experienced in major cities.”

Vu and Bui invite others to explore the opportunities and quality of life in Coastal Mississippi. It’s where dreams are pursued, adversity is met with resilience and community and family bonds are celebrated.

Written by Susie Siemiontkowski

Susan Siemiontkowski is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty. Reach her at (228) 239-2621 or

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