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Holly, jolly tips and trends for decking the halls

Some of us bring out the Christmas décor the day after Thanksgiving. Others start decking the halls before Halloween, and some keep the holiday spirit going in their homes year-round. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, these Christmas decor tips and trends are sure to please everyone on your nice list. Jump right in and elevate your home for the festive season!

1. Vintage nostalgia

Vintage and nostalgic looks are making a comeback and seem here to stay. Experiment with candy pastels as an alternative to the traditional red and green that abound during December. Incorporate silver over gold for a truly vintage glam feel. Embrace retro-style elements like velvety soft flocked reindeer in a variety of colors, even pastels, and ceramic trees. Go even deeper into the past and play with Victorian details like intricate patterns on ornaments, vases, tablecloths and tableware.

2. Neutral, natural and cozy

Neutral, natural and cozy is a big trend again this year, which pairs seamlessly with Scandinavian and hygge design. Hygge embraces the feeling of wellbeing and contentment through coziness and simplicity within design and decor. Create this ambiance with neutral tones, various textures (think faux furs and chunky knits) and taper candles. Creams, whites, natural browns and grays pair perfectly with yarn balls, burlap ribbons, wooden bead garland and unfinished, natural wood ornaments.

3. The pink craze

The pink craze didn’t stop with the summertime, so why not play with merry magenta? The influence of Barbie and Pantones 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta, continues to hold strong. You can incorporate this fun color through a spectrum of hues, ranging from soft bubblegum to a vivid, jewel-tone magenta. You can apply this color to trees, wreaths, lights, gift wrapping, ornaments and more.

4. Luxe metallics

Luxe metallics always will be synonymous with the holidays, so get ready to shimmer, sparkle and shine! Gold, rose gold, silver and everything shiny that catches the eye will continue to be a staple in holiday decorating, which you can incorporate with ornaments, ribbons, table settings, artwork and even nutcrackers.

5. Monochromatic

If simplicity is your style, then try the monochromatic trend this year. Don’t be intimidated; selecting one color in a variety of hues and finishes can turn out beautifully. Select a singular color you want to use (silver, gold, red, blue, purple or pink), and make sure to include a wide range of shades, moving from pastel to jewel tones. Don’t forget about finishes, as this will make a big difference. Include different finishes of the decor elements in matte, sparkle, translucent, shiny and textured to complete the look.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is continuing to gain momentum, and for good reason This holiday season use a few of these sustainable tips to make your holiday eco-friendly.

  • Adorn your gifts and packages with earth-friendly options rather than buying paper. Try using brown grocery bags, kraft paper and gift bags and tissue saved from previous years, or even newspaper that you and your kids can paint together as a fun craft.
  • When planning your theme, consider what you already have. While it may not fit into your current motif, get creative! Envision how these decor elements can be changed instantly with a coat of spray paint, fabric paint, fabric dye or even a little bit of glitter.
  • Incorporate nature not only with garland and wreaths, but with decor as well. Bring in nutmegs, pinecones and poinsettias as an earth-friendly way to decorate doors, mantels, countertops and vases. Don’t forget to add in some woodland creatures like deer, owls, foxes and chipmunks.
  • Upgrade your old, half-broken light strands to an LED option. When decorating your front porch or stringing lights on your trees and bushes, opt for solar-powered lights.
  • Show your support for small businesses by shopping for gifts from your local shops instead of big box stores. Don’t what to get the people on your list who seem to have it all? How about a beautiful plant, or maybe a year’s subscription to something they already enjoy, like a gym membership or a music app? You also could donate to a charity in their name, spreading kindness and goodwill. Remember, sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones that enhance their lives or make a positive impact.

7. Setting the mood

While decor is essential, ambiance is key for setting the mood. Instead of relying solely on overhead lights, embrace a softer illumination by using the gentle glow of your tree, garland, candles and lamps to illuminate your surroundings. To further enhance the cozy atmosphere, consider using scented candles or aromatherapy diffusers that evoke delightful scents like pine, apple cider, cookies or nutmeg. Don’t overlook the potential of your TV as well. You can opt to play a crackling fireplace video (easily found on platforms like Netflix or YouTube) or have holiday movies playing on mute to add a touch of holiday magic.

8. Include family

Your family and friends are the reason for the season, right? Make sure to include your family photos and handmade ornaments and trinkets from your children or family in your decor. If they don’t fit your theme or aesthetic, that’s OK. Have a dedicated memorabilia tree for these meaningful elements. You can even opt for a tabletop tree that serves as a centerpiece for your dining table. This sentimental touch will spark meaningful conversation over holiday meals.

9. Dress up the tree

When decorating your tree, consider these tips:

  • First, consider choosing a local farm or business for your live tree, wreaths and garlands.
  • To ensure an artificial tree looks full and hides any visible cords, tree base, or noticeable holes, here’s a few simple suggestions: For green trees lacking enough branches, you can use garland to fill the holes. If your tree is frosted and you don’t have frosted garland, you can spray snow on regular garland to match your tree’s appearance.
  • Similarly, for colored trees, you can spray paint inexpensive garland to match the tree’s color. The key is to seamlessly blend the garland into the branches, making it appear as if it’s a natural part of the tree. If you have a white tree, you can use pillow stuffing or fluffy faux snow blankets.
  • Finally, don’t forget that the more decorations, the better. To create a grand, hotel lobby-like feel, be generous with ornaments, garlands, floral picks, ribbon and tinsel.

Written by Jennifer Miller and Lyndsey Fisher

Jennifer Miller is a certified interior designer, professional home stager and CEO of Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging. Lyndsey Fisher is an interior designer and professional home stager with Jennuwine Design. Connect with them at, or (228) 285-1535.

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