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Finding peace in creativity: The Blissful Leaf

With her children grown up and out on their own, Lyndritka Armstrong started to wonder, “What now?”

The answer came one day as she was meditating, hoping to be guided toward her next steps.

“I saw some leaves blowing in the wind, and I realized that is how I want to be free and at peace,” she recalls. “So, I began a very emotional and spiritual journey.”

Thus came the inspiration to create The Blissful Leaf LLC, based in Slidell, Louisiana. The brand specializes in custom embroidered and printed apparel and accessories.


When she started the business in 2017, Armstrong was focused on wellness products like candles, soap, lotions and bath salts. While each high-quality item was handmade with the best-sourced materials, Armstrong felt pulled in a different direction.

“Something shifted in me because as I was working on myself, I felt that I needed to help others find peace as well,” she says. “I am a certified life coach focusing on holistic wellness, which means I want to help others conquer their lives and find ways to live in peace and calm.”

Once she’d rebranded, Armstrong recalls, “It’s like the world opened up for me.”

“I started receiving support from a lot of my family and friends,” she says, “but I also received support and opportunities from business connections and just people who I met at various places.”


Lyndritka Armstrong

Many of The Blissful Leaf’s customers are companies needing clothing and promotional items. Others are looking for customized gifts or products for their events.

“I also want to help those who are seeking something that can inspire them to find peace and calm in their lives,” Armstrong says.

To that end, the business carries her personal brand of shirts, bags, glass cans and more that contain positive messaging and imaging. For instance, one design depicts a tree alongside the phrase, “Living with purpose and drive,” and another colorful graphic features a butterfly and the message, “Embrace peace and serenity.”

“My most popular items so far are customized hats and polo-style shirts,” Armstrong says. “Also, my T-shirts with positive messaging and my beautifully decorative glass cans are very popular.”

Patrons can look forward to some new products coming soon, Armstrong says, like banners, invitations and cards. Other additions include metallic and specialty threads, along with 3D-printed and glitter items and AI-generated designs that provide virtually unlimited options.

“I will also be offering exclusive bridal and home decor items,” she says, “like customized wedding and party items, as well as baby items, like monogrammed gifts and clothing.”


New machines will help the business cut turnaround times, Armstrong says, and she plans to relocate to a bigger office.

“I also am hoping to have retreats, meetings and gatherings with some of my customers and other business owners,” she adds,

But beyond the logistics and practicalities of running and growing The Blissful Leaf, Armstrong simply wants to teach and inspire. At the core of every business decision she makes and product she provides is her driving passion: to serve and help others.

“My main goal,” Armstrong says, “is to inspire people to live better, be better and find peace in all areas of their lives.”

The Blissful Leaf
1361 Englewood Drive, Slidell, Louisiana
(985) 288-8557
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
IG: @TheBlissfulLeaf
TikTok: @TheBlissfulLeaf
Facebook: TheBlissfulLeaf
YouTube: @TheBlissfulLeaf

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