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Social media makeup hacks that really work

We’ve all seen those TikTok videos that feature ridiculous beauty hacks — but which ones actually work, and which ones are just a gimmick? I’m here to help guide you in the right direction. 

Have a stubborn blemish that just doesn’t want to be covered, no matter how much makeup you pile on top of it?

Try dotting some concealer over your blemish before applying your foundation. Let it sit two to three minutes before blending it out. The trick here is not to over-blend; you want to lightly tap it out, allowing the concealer to become slightly tacky first. Try Tarte Shape Tape (, $27) for a full-coverage finish that won’t crease or slide around as the day wears on. 

Want your foundation to wear longer?

Infuse it with a setting spray. Using your ring finger, dot your favorite foundation all over your face. Generously douse your skin with your favorite setting spray, and let it dry momentarily. While your face is still slightly damp, finish blending out foundation to your desired coverage. Complete the rest of your look and mist again. Your beautiful look should last all day. For 16-hour, fade-proof wear, my pick is the cult-favorite Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (, $33). 

Is your foundation leaving you wanting more … or less?

Try adjusting it. If you just bought a new foundation and aren’t getting the coverage you desire, trying mixing it half-and-half with a translucent powder. Pump one or two pumps of your foundation onto a palette (or the back of your hand) and tap in a little powder. Mix it with the back of your makeup brush and bounce over your skin using your favorite beauty sponge. The translucent powder will help to thicken the foundation and also aid in mattifying your skin when the humidity peaks in south Mississippi. 

If you find your wintertime foundation is too heavy for spring, try mixing in your favorite gel-based moisturizer or luminizer in equal parts. Lightly set your t-zone with powder, if needed, and tap on some cream blush for a dewy, springtime glow. 

Want to give your eyes a lifted, foxy appearance?

There are countless online tutorials about how to achieve the trendy, Victoria’s Secret-model, fox-eye look. However, even beginners can get in on this trend. Start by taking a small, angled brush and swiping it into some chocolate-brown eyeshadow. Tap off any excess product that may be sitting on the bristles. Create a half-wing on the outer corner of your lash line. You can even lightly tap over this with your ring finger for an effortless and sultry daytime look. Coat your lashes with mascara, focusing the bulk of the product on your outer lashes. To amplify this look further, add some half lashes to the outer corner of your eye, enhancing the lifted effect. 

Crissy Cox is a freelance makeup artist on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, specializing in on-location wedding and special event makeup. Contact her or learn more at 

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