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Doing the job right

Seaman & Associates takes pride in fast, fair appraisals

While many businesses struggled or shuttered during the pandemic, Seaman & Associates has benefitted from a booming housing market. 

“We have consistently been busy, even during a time of shutdown for most,” says Steve Seaman, real estate appraiser with the Pascagoula-based company. People still were purchasing, refinancing and selling homes, and with that, everyone needs an appraisal.” 

Seaman & Associates was founded in 1989 when Steve and his brother, Kim, joined Roger Poulos. Steve is a state-certified residential appraiser while Kim is a state-certified general real estate appraiser who performs residential, commercial, industrial and special-purpose property assessments. 

Born and raised in Moss Point, Steve started working with his late brother-in-law at Ralph Klein and Associates in 1979. Also raised in The Moss Point area, Kim started Kim Seaman Realty in 1985. 

Now having served Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, Greene, Stone and Perry counties for over three decades, Seaman & Associates’ mission continues to be establishing fair value for every property in their charge, according to Steve. 

“Real estate is an ever-changing market,” he says, “and what is exciting for us and for the property owner is that in today’s market, the values of homes are consistently rising.” 

While COVID has had minimal negative effect on the company, Steve says its biggest challenge to date has been recovering from the housing market crisis of 2007- 2008. 

The greatest rewards, he adds, “(come) daily when we can be a small part of helping a homeowner reach their goals with obtaining property.” 

Banks are Seaman & Associates’ biggest customers, but the company also works with homeowners, credit unions, attorneys, certified public accountants and others who need a home appraisal and are purchasing land or a new home. Steve and his brother may have decades of experience in the industry, he says, but they are by no means done learning. 

“We are required to do continuing education every year for both real estate and appraisals,” Steve says, “so we stay up to date on any changes.” 

In an industry where his work can have serious consequences, including affecting a client’s mortgage loan, Steve says his firm prides itself on being good and fair appraiser that does the job right. Being on the Gulf Coast, he adds, allows him to see and evaluate a unique and wide variety of properties. 

“I am from here,” he says, “so I appreciate and enjoy seeing how (the area) grows and evolves.”

3106 Canty Street, Pascagoula<
(228) 762-0621
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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