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Reveal youthful radiance this fall with a chemical peel

Popular procedure can diminish damage, signs of aging

Do you wish you could simply peel away signs of aging from your skin? If so, a chemical peel may be an option worth exploring.


During a chemical peel, a solution is applied directly to your skin to diminish many signs of aging on the face, as well as the hands, neck and chest. The exfoliating treatment causes the damaged skin to peel away, revealing new, regenerated skin that is usually smoother and less wrinkled. The treatment can be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures based on the issues being addressed.


Chemical peels come in various forms, such as gels, lotions and cleansers, and can be done at depths from light to deep.

• Light chemical peels, sometimes called superficial chemical peels, remove the outer layer of skin only. A light peel is commonly used to treat fine wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and dryness. The results are subtle but increase with repeated treatments. For best results, light peels often are completed in a series and are safe to have every two to five weeks.

• Medium to deep chemical peels remove skin cells from the top, middle and sometimes even deeper layers. These types of peels are mostly used to treat the same issues as a light chemical peel, but on a stronger level. The skin’s reaction is more severe, with redness, irritation and some swelling expected along with the peeling process. Treated areas take about seven to 14 days to heal after a medium or deep chemical peel, but redness might last longer. Medium to deep chemical peels tend to offer more noticeable results without requiring a series of treatments.


After a chemical peel of any depth, your skin may be red, tight, irritated or swollen. To achieve the best results and protect your healing skin, it is important to follow directions for sun protection, cleansing, moisturizing and applying protective ointments. To avoid scarring and reduce the risk of infection, it is also important to avoid picking, rubbing or scratching your skin. In some cases, it may take several months before your skin color returns to normal and you can see the peel’s full results.

A chemical peel can be a great treatment option for fall to undo some of the damage and signs of aging caused by the sun throughout the summer. It is important to choose a peel that is right for you based on your skin type, skin concerns and desired intensity of treatment and results. Whether you get a superficial, medium or deep chemical peel, this treatment option can help peel away damage to reveal the beauty of your rejuvenated and radiant skin.

Written by Christina Kemp

Christina Kemp is a licensed aesthetician at Dermatology Specialists of Mississippi/Aqua Medical Spa. Reach her at (228) 207-4775.

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