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Prioritize schools when planning a move

Ask any parent, and they will tell you how significant schools are when searching for a home. Most will share that they deem nothing more important than ensuring their children receive a quality education. More and more homebuyers are considering the public school system and private school options when choosing a new home.

Making the critical decision about where to send your children to school requires some deep thought. Here are a few of the benefits of each that can help you make the right choice:


  • Higher-qualified teachers – On average, public school teachers have higher educational qualifications than private schools; many hold master’s degrees.
  • Strong focus on core subjects – Public schools focus on the basics with an emphasis on mastery.
  • Broader range of extracurriculars – Public schools tend to have a larger population and can offer a vast array of sports teams and programs in theater, arts and music.
  • Diversity – Public schools have students from all economic and ethnic backgrounds.


Smaller classrooms – On average, private schools have a smaller student-to-teacher ratio than public schools.

Strong parent involvement – Private schools encourage and rely on parent involvement.

Less red tape – Private schools are not required to follow the strict state guidelines, which allows them to make quick decisions and adjustments based on each child’s needs.

Both public and private schools can offer students a solid education and school experience. Every community is different, and understanding the pros and cons of local choices is becoming more and more important to parents.

The move can be especially challenging for teenagers, and helping them prepare can be stressful for the entire family. Teen years are a confusing time anyway, and when you add moving into the mix, it can be even more problematic. Changing schools, missing friends and adjusting routines can quickly feel overwhelming. Here are a few ways you can help make a move easier:

Talk – Let your teen know you understand the difficulties and be sure they understand your reasons for moving.

Include them in the home-buying decision – You should have the final say in which home to buy, but bringing your teen into the process gives him or her a sense of ownership.

Visit schools – Whether you are leaning toward public or private, visit schools with your child. Have him or her provide input during the decision- making process.

The most important aspect of moving with children, especially teens, is to include them in the conversation and
as many decisions as possible. When considering a move, let your real estate agent know your children’s ages, and ask for information on local schools. This is especially important when relocating.

Written by Susie Siemiontkowski

Susan Siemiontkowski is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty. Reach her at (228) 239-2621 or

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