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Power up your health and wellness this fall

As we say goodbye to summer, I hope you all have embraced our beautiful Coast and soaked up all the fun the season has to offer. Summertime also brings extra temptations, especially while on vacation, and we may let our guard down when it comes to our eating and fitness habits.

It’s OK to have the occasional sweet treat or fun cocktail, but sometimes getting back on track is a struggle.

As we bid summer farewell and welcome fall, that means kids are back to school, football season is starting and it’s the perfect time to resume a healthy routine of active movement and healthy eating. Here are some pointers:



• This is not the time to buy all the junk food and eat all the snacks that aren’t good for you. I’m amazed that when I venture to the grocery store, the aisle that is empty is … the snack aisle. Try not to cave in. You are what you eat is true, so don’t fill your body with high-fat, high-carb or high-sugar foods. Fuel your body and your family with the food we need and know is good for us.

• Choose foods that not only are healthy and tasty, but can be a major source of nutrients and vitamins. Try incorporating these items into your meals: leafy greens, avocado, salmon, walnuts, olive oil, berries, kale, spinach and chard.

• I am passionate about meal prep, as it simplifies my cooking process. I cook on Sunday nights, and I am ready for the week. You even can get the kids involved in making some of their favorite meals and having them help you put them in containers. And guess what, mom — you even can freeze some for the following week.

• Wake up and eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. You can make a sheet pan of eggs or egg soufflé in muffin tins; it’s so easy! Simplify breakfast, but make sure it is the most nutritious meal of your day. Try making egg soufflé, avocado toast or overnight oats.



• Try a power-up walk in the morning, a power-up swim, and bike ride in the evening with the family. Did you know that just 30 minutes of activity, which is about 2 percent of your day, truly can be a game changer? We must find the time to be active now, or we will have to make time later for illness and medications.

• Remember to power up your mind, your mental muscle, with reinforcing, positive affirmations all day every day. I have them written and posted everywhere. Focus constantly on the good and on building your mental muscle, the biggest unseen muscle that you need to exercise.

Wishing you a healthy, happy fall!


Written by Karol Brandt

Karol Brandt is an executive host with Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort, as well as co-author of the Amazon best-seller “The Struggle is Real: Finally Break the Dieting Cycle, Transform Your Mind and Body, and Evolve into The Person You Have Always Wanted to Be” and the “30-Day Evolve Challenge Journal.” Contact Brandt by email at, Facebook/ The Struggle Is Real or Instagram at karolbrandtnola.

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