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Take the Move It March fitness challenge

Morning workouts are ideal for burning fat, losing weight

Aren’t you shocked it’s March already? I sure am, and this month, I’d like to help you get moving.

I’ll be honest — I usually devise these challenges to force myself to get moving in the mornings when I don’t make it to the gym or my favorite class. You can do these anytime during the day, but I like to do mine as soon as I wake up because it sets me up for a great day and I won’t forget about it.

Let’s talk about moving our bodies for a minute. Are you a morning person like me? I love to get my movement in before sunrise. Getting your workout in before your day gets going will lower your body’s cortisol levels (stress hormones). Morning exercise also helps relieve tension and relaxes your muscles, which fights the negative effects of stress on your body. Physical activity is a natural stress remedy.

Not a morning movement person? No worries!

Although morning workouts are ideal for burning fat and losing weight, afternoon workouts can give your workouts a boost since you’ll have eaten a meal or two by the time you reach the gym. Food equals, energy, and you need energy for those high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes too.

So, let’s move it this March and have some fun in the process. I invite you to join me in the challenge, and if it is too easy, double it. Too hard? Go at your own pace. Good luck is with us this month, so don’t hesitate to bet on yourself.


Written by Maria S. Barr

Maria S. Barr is a fitness instructor, educator and entrepreneur who serves as brand manager and a master trainer with Barre Intensity. Reach her at

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