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Make your home the perfect haunt

As the crisp autumn air rolls in and the leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange and gold, it’s time to embrace the spirit of fall and prepare for the spookiest season of all — Halloween! Let’s dive into some decorating tips and tricks that will make your home a haunt-worthy haven. From cozy autumnal touches to eerie Halloween accents, we’ve got you covered for a season filled with warmth, magic and a hint of fright.


To infuse your space with the essence of autumn, focus on incorporating warm, earthy tones. Think rich amethyst, burnt oranges, deep reds, terracotta browns and golden yellows. Swap out your everyday accent pillows, throw blankets and tablecloths with these warm hues to instantly transform your living space and create a cozy atmosphere.



Create eye-catching centerpieces using elements inspired by the harvest season. Arrange a cornucopia of colorful gourds, pumpkins and apples on a rustic wooden tray or in a woven basket. Add a touch of elegance with tall candlesticks, or cluster small LED candles for a warm, flickering glow.



Utilize the abundance of natural materials that fall has to offer. Collect leaves, acorns, pinecones and branches to craft beautiful wreaths, garlands or tablescapes. Spray paint leaves in metallic shades, or dip pinecones in glitter for an added touch of glamor.


Set the mood with atmospheric lighting that’s perfect for spooky season. Replace bright bulbs with soft, warm lights or opt for flickering LED candles to create an eerie glow. You can opt to replace your bulbs in lamps or entryway lights with orange, purple or red lights to set the mood.



Transform your yard or garden into a bewitching sight for trick-or-treaters. Place tombstones, old dolls or homemade mummies in your yard or garden to create a spooky graveyard. Incorporate scarecrows or skeletons throughout, and hang eerie string lights and drape fake spider webs from trees and bushes for an extra dose of Halloween flair.



Make a memorable first impression with a themed entryway. Hang a festive wreath adorned with black feathers, spiders and witch hats on your front door. Add a welcome mat with a playful Halloween message, and place a broomstick or cauldron filled with candy by the entrance. Don’t forget to change the front porch bulbs into a spooky color, and play eerie music on Halloween night for your trick or treaters.



Impress your guests with Halloween-inspired table settings. Choose linens in black, orange or purple, and use themed dinnerware like spiderweb-patterned plates or skull-shaped glasses. Add finishing touches with gothic candleholders, spider-shaped napkin rings or personalized place cards.



Engage your creativity by crafting spooky decorations. Paint and carve pumpkins with unique designs, and create ghostly silhouettes from old bedsheets and chicken wire. Make paper bats to hang from the ceiling, or wrap an inexpensive foam pumpkin in a jewel-toned velvet and top it with a real pumpkin stem for a glam take on pumpkins. Involve the whole family in these fun projects to bring a personalized touch to your Halloween decor.

From warm and cozy autumnal accents to spine-chilling Halloween decorations, unleash your creativity and create an atmosphere that delights and frights all who enter your domain. Remember, it’s all about having fun and embracing the magic of the season.

Written by Jennifer Miller and Lyndsey Fisher

Jennifer Miller is a certified interior designer, professional home stager and CEO of Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging. Lyndsey Fisher is an interior designer and professional home stager with Jennuwine Design. Connect with them at, or (228) 285-1535.

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