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Spark holiday joy with this season’s biggest décor trends

Simple, natural and warm are themes for 2022

Each January at the annual Christmasworld Exhibition, the coming year’s holiday trends make their debut. The exciting trends predetermined for this year highlight awareness, illusion and sustainability. 

Here are some of the season’s biggest trends to incorporate into your own holiday décor: 

  • Lights always will be on trend for the holiday season, but you can spice things up this year. Add LED lights to your space, including wreaths, trees and all décor. It creates a lavish feel while illuminating your home. 
  • You can add a touch of winter charm to any table setting with a few regal-looking white feathers. When combined with black and green, the soothing colors of white and gray evoke stability, coziness and strength. 

  • Enjoy the splendor of the sea in your home this holiday season. Beach-themed decorations are both environmentally friendly and elegant, adding a modern, chic element to your traditional setting. You can use just about anything, from seashells to driftwood. This trend emphasizes nature, and as a result, sustainable materials are ideal. For a cozy and minimalist aesthetic, light hues and clean lines should be considered when it comes to shapes and colors. 

  • Take inspiration from the magnificent coastal scenery as it is illuminated by fading sunlight. If you want to make your home feel more like a retreat, try using colors like dark green and calming blue to bring the outside in. 

  • Don’t be afraid to express sentiments close to your heart and incorporate classic elements that remind you of your youth or family traditions. Because uniqueness is emphasized, the color and shape options are as limitless as your imagination. 
  • Floral accents and illusionary effects are perfect elements to incorporate into your holiday decor, from gift wrap to elegant script on greeting cards. This trend involves lively colors like velvet gray, soft green, blurry white, topaz, red and deep blue. Fun things happen when imagination and reality collide! 
  • As I mentioned earlier, 2022 trends emphasize the majesty of nature while simultaneously promoting minimalistic colors to preserve simplicity and majestic colors to enhance elegance. 
  • Metallic silver emphasizes the uniqueness of decorative elements. Those who are intolerant of gloss can use gray and graphite alternatives. When you use metallic gold, a little golden shine will give your decorations a new, sparkling perspective. 
  • Having a strategy is the secret to a well-designed tree. Use the same guidelines you would when decorating your home. When deciding what ornaments and fillers you will use, it’s essential to consider not only a color scheme, but also texture, shine, and metallics. Don’t be afraid to step away from the traditional red and green. One trend you will see this year is pampas grass trees. 

Designer secret: A cost-effective way to give your white tree some body is Poly-fil. Prior to fluffing your branches, fill the inner parts — then shape your branches around it to hold it in place. 

  • Talking more about color, utilize soft shades of pink and blue to complete the overall aesthetic of your Christmas décor. Soothing, gentle and natural earth tones will bring a sense of ease and comfort to your home. Get ready for a Christmas filled with cheer, surrounded by hues both warm and delightful.


Written by Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller is a certified interior designer, professional home stager and CEO of Jennuwine Design, Sophisticated Staging. Connect with her at, or (228) 285-1535.

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