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Making real estate dreams come true

Realtor Holly Lemoine-Raymond helps Slidell couple find perfect property on “House Hunters”

If you tuned into a recent episode of HGTV’s hit show “House Hunters,” you probably were struck by the familiar coastal setting.

You also may have recognized the cheerful face of Holly Lemoine-Raymond, broker and owner of HL Raymond Properties, who has been helping South Mississippi residents find their dream homes since 2014. On the May 1 “House Hunters” episode, titled “New Chapter in Mississippi,” Lemoine-Raymond guided clients Shea and Ken as they picked a property on the Coast.

“They loved the idea of living in a place where it truly feels like you are on vacation; they adored the Bay/Waveland close-knit communities, the close proximity to dining and social get togethers that were just a golf cart ride away,” Lemoine-Raymond says.

“The close location to friends and family they were leaving behind would also keep them grounded. The Gulf Coast was the best of both worlds for them.”

This was not Lemoine- Raymond’s first time on TV. The Bay St. Louis-based Realtor has worked with HGTV and their production companies several times on programs like “Beach Front Bargain Hunt” and “You Live in What?” Through her company, H.L. Raymond Productions, she and her team also have produced their own show called “Inside Out with H.L. Raymond Properties,” which has aired for two seasons on ABC affiliates.

Whether on camera or off, Lemoine-Raymond just enjoys being part of her clients’ stories.

“We get to see our clients fall in love with the special place where their memories will be made,” she says. “We get to learn the neighborhoods and experience the sense of community that is so special and uniquely genuine here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Shea (l), Holly Lemoine-Raymond (c) and Ken (r)

In working with Shea and Ken, who hailed from Slidell, Louisiana, Lemoine-Raymond faced a common real-estate dilemma: two buyers with differing visions. He wanted a cozy beach cottage, but she was willing to spend more to get a newer, modern house. To find the right fit, Lemoine- Raymond had to think outside the box.

“We showed them a variety of homes, making sure that the properties checked off most of their boxes,” she says. “In the end, they decided on a home that best suited their needs. We had a blast along the way!”

For other buyers who can’t agree on major points like style and price, Lemoine-Raymond has the following advice.

“Make a list of what each buyer is looking for; when you see it on paper, there are often more common points than you realize,” she says. “Also, be willing to take a look at properties that you may not have originally been interested in. Seeing a property online and then visiting it in person can expand your horizons.”

While there is fluctuation in all real estate markets, Lemoine-Raymond says what doesn’t change is potential buyers’ affection for this area. Her own love for the Bay, she adds, runs deep and has never wavered. “To watch this area recover, grow and thrive through the rebuilding of our town has been a humbling experience,” Lemoine-Raymond says. “I have been so touched by the strengthening of our spirits in the process. It has been a beautiful journey.” For those who missed the first airing of “New Chapter in Mississippi,” it will air again on June 24 at 6 p.m. Central on HGTV (subject to change).

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