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Want to be healthier, stronger? Consistency is key

Summer is starting to simmer down, and the routine of school, work or both is picking up again. As you leave a season of more leisurely pursuits, you may find yourself lacking some consistency. Well, maybe you’ve been consistent in your relaxation, but what else could you be consistent with?

You often hear the saying, “Consistency is key.” I’m here to attest that this is very true. Motivation is a feeling, and feelings are fleeting. However, being consistent at something that will improve your mindset or health is the epitome of all things you can aspire to.

Consistent means “unchanging in nature, standard or effect over time.” Let’s break that down. You must stand firm in what you want to achieve — no wavering. Treat your goal with the same importance as the air you breathe, and believe you can and will achieve that goal. If your aim is to be a healthier, stronger version of yourself, you’re going to have to think about yourself after you’ve met your goal. What does that version of you look like, think like and act like? Imagine it, and remind yourself of it every single day.

Maria S. Barr is a fitness instructor, educator and entrepreneur.


Affirmations: Use them daily — multiple times a day at that. Write down five things that you believe about yourself (only positive thoughts here). Look at them, say them aloud and repeat them daily.

Movement: Move your body consistently for just 30 minutes a day. Take an outdoor walk, look at a quick YouTube workout, head to your favorite gym or studio and just go for 30 minutes.

Fuel: I’m not talking about the fuel you pump in your car, but the fuel you put into your body. Be consistent with the way you eat. Eat whole foods, and stay away from processed foods and sugar. In 30 days, you’ll feel like a brand-new person.

Finally, don’t overcomplicate the process. Keep it simple, keep it consistent, and the results will follow

Written by Maria S. Barr

Maria S. Barr is a fitness instructor, educator and entrepreneur who serves as brand manager and a master trainer with Barre Intensity. Reach her at

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