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Fun, kid-friendly DIY fall decor

The kiddos have returned to school. Days are getting shorter, and the weather is turning a little cooler. Fall is here! But between making sure your children get educated, fed and clothed, not to mention all the “extracurricular” activities and taking care of yourself, who has the time to decorate? As it turns out, you do! 

Seasonal decorating need not take a lot of time and money. Fall is one of the easiest seasons for decor because it is all about color, texture and bringing the outside in. The fall palette is focused on warm earth tones — oranges, reds and browns. Textures can be incorporated using different fabrics like linen, velvet and boucle, to name a few. 

One of the simplest ways to incorporate color and texture is with throw pillows. Now, don’t go nuts and have so many that no one can sit down. A few pillows make a statement without looking cluttered. Add a favorite throw for those cooler nights we are so looking forward to. 

Dried or faux florals are the easy go-to for fall decorating. Pick some of your favorites from your garden to dry or press. If a garden is not nearby, Amazon is always a great resource. 

Many bargain shoppers know that vintage and thrift stores are a cornucopia of home décor deals. This can also be a great way to involve the kids. Organize a treasure hunt for some pieces you have in mind or something they can add to the vision. 

Here is a quick and super-easy DIY project for the whole family. 


  • leaves
  • mason jars,
  • glue
  • twine
  • flameless tea candles
  1. Take a walk and pick out some colorful fallen leaves. 
  2. Glue the leaves to the inside of the mason jar. 
  3. Insert an LED candle. 
  4. Tie twine. 
  5. Make as many as you’d like to place inside or out. 

Mandie Rodriguez is lead designer with MLR Interior Design. Reach her at (228) 697-2836 or 

Written by Mandie Rodriguez

Mandie Rodriguez is lead designer with MLR Interior Design.
Reach her at (228) 697-2836 or

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