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Five ways for moms to have fun while moving their bodies

If the only workout routine you started in January was carrying babies or hauling king cakes to and from the office, I see you.

I’m not a fan of working out and never have been. I devised every excuse to sit out during gym class and instead scribbled daydreams in my notebook, convening on the bleachers with my fellow conspirators to plot our next entrepreneurial venture.

Since becoming a mom (yes, I found the baby in the king cake) and toting around a toddler on my hip, I’ve noticed myself becoming stronger. But then my son makes a mad dash into oncoming traffic, and I realize my sprints aren’t what they used to be. (They were never good).

Propelled by this need to keep up with my darling little boy, I’ve decided to try every workout I can until I find one that genuinely brings me joy and feels good (or at least doesn’t feel like pure torture).

We have so many great gyms, classes and alternative workout options here on the Coast that are intentional about making exercise enjoyable. I’ll be trying as many as possible and sharing my experience on Instagram (@gathergulfcoast).

If you’re looking to try something new in the physical fitness department, here are some options:


Doing yoga on a stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a great way to experience nature while increasing balance and focus.


These intensely personalized sessions utilize controlled micro-movements that target your body’s muscle fibers to lengthen, strengthen and stretch. The Pilates machines may look like torture devices, but they’re amazing at getting you big results.


Infrared sauna fitness studios offer many sweaty class options, including hot yoga, hot barre, hot stretch, hot core and more. One of the best things we’ve heard about sauna workouts is that they help you sleep great.


This dynamic form of exercise not only will decrease fat, but it will increase your overall body confidence and self-esteem.


Squats, burpees, and pushups made easier? Count me in. With this workout, you’re wearing a harness and bungee cord attached to the ceiling. This makes for a low-impact and seriously fun workout where you feel weightless.

Written by Alexa Harrison

Alexa Harrison is the owner of Gather Gulf Coast, where she works to empower women-owned small businesses through collaboration on pop-up community events. Follow along on Instagram @gathergulfocast.

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