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Fall makeup trends that take you out of your comfort zone

Certain things are synonymous with fall: sweaters, leggings, boots, beanies and scarves, not to mention apple cider, cinnamon and, of course, all things pumpkin. Earth tones, deep shades and neutral hues are the colors of the season. 

Although these things may seem basic, fall trends are anything but. Nature’s palette provides inspiration for the warm tones that dominate fall’s must-have makeup. Whether it’s blush that gives you a deep, warm glow, or lipstick shades that make you feel bolder and braver, this is a great time for beauty.


Blue eyeliner has found its way back Ito the spotlight, and it’s a great choice to wear at night under the autumn sky. Emeralds and purples also will make your eyes pop and create a regal vibe. Make no mistake — your eyes can be a statement piece. There’s no need to choose; try several shades and see what works for you. Accent colors complement the eye, so don’t be shy about rubbing them over your top lid or smudging them into your bottom lash line. This fun trend is a subtle nod to the 90s. I recommend: Blitz Blue Perma Gel by Pat McGraft, $29

Speaking of the 90s, remember when cork and chestnut lipliner by MAC and a clear gloss ruled the world? Deep browns are a natural fit for fall, which is the best time for outside-the-box lips. In addition to browns, purples, burnt reds and even black are a telltale sign that October has arrived. It’s a time for Halloween costumes and cozy casual wear. Have party plans? Choosing the right lipstick may well determine what kind of night you have. I often love to do minimal face makeup and throw on a black lipstick with a tiny dash of liner on my eyes. I dress up my look with an oversized sweater, leggings and a pair of motorcycle boots, and I’m ready to rock any fall day. I recommend: Rouge Dior Velvet Lipstick in Enigmatic, $42; MAC Lip Pencil in Chestnut, $18

Ever heard of burnt cheeks? If not, it’s time to introduce you to this trend. Just like eyes and lips, your cheeks can be your best feature. Reds, pinks and rosy cheeks are out, Oranges, peaches and browns are in. Think terracotta, grey violets and orange browns. While these are neutral colors, they surely will give your face a vibrant look. I recommend: Daydreamer Blush by Melt Cosmetics, $24

Written by Brittney Johnson

Brittney M. Johnson is an independent makeup artist based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Reach her at

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