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De-summer your hair in three easy steps

For most South Mississippians, summer means beaches, boats and pools. While days spent on the water are great fun, they can wreak havoc on your hair, so here are a few tips and tricks to get your locks ready for all the galas, fundraisers and football games coming this fall.


To recondition your hair, you must start with a blank canvas. Wash your hair twice using a good clarifying shampoo. This will open up the cuticle shaft and allow for the cleansers to get in and do their thing. One note: Clarifying shampoos are not color safe, so I recommend doing this treatment right before your next color appointment.


I recommend: Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3 is affordable and smells amazing. If you are swimming regularly, it’s a great shampoo to use once or twice a week to keep the salt and chlorine at bay. (Just remember, it will strip your color.)

For color-treated hair, Joico K-PAC Color Therapy Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner is a great moisture and repair option.


Next, we need to turn our attention to our scalps and get the pH balance back where it belongs.

I recommend: The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment is fantastic. I highly suggest getting this treatment applied as a salon service; it feels amazing!


Hair needs two things to be healthy: moisture and protein. If we get too much moisture, it gets greasy. If we get too much protein, it gets brittle. This is a balancing act to say the least. Talk to your haircare professional about what your hair needs. My guess is a combo of both after a summer of swimming.

I recommend: One super-easy at-home treatment to add a little moisture and protein is to mix one half-cup mayonnaise with one egg. Apply to freshly washed (not conditioned) and towel-dried hair. Cover with a disposable shower cap and leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes. If you can get some heat on it, even better.

I often see coconut oil marked as a moisture treatment, but I’d avoid this. Coconut oil is very difficult to dissolve and coats the hair, which doesn’t allow for any actual conditioners to penetrate. This is why it’s a four out of five on the comedogenic (pore-clogging) scale.

Follow these easy steps to get your end-of-summer locks in great shape for fall!

Written by Heather Dubuisson

Heather Dubuisson is owner, wedding specialist, stylist and makeup artist at HD Hair and Makeup. Reach her at or follow her on social media at @hdhairandmakeup.


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