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Creating your comfort zone

With some minor tweaks, you can turn your home into your sanctuary

While everyone’s pandemic experience has been different, one truth is universal: Home has never been more important. Our new appreciation for everything our home is and represents, for the protection and stability it provides, will endure long after the COVID crisis is over. 

Even in the best of times, our home is our refuge — the place where we rest, recharge and regain strength to face the world’s challenges. How do we keep our sanctuaries as comfortable and soothing as possible? Some simple, easy décor choices can enhance your home’s calming effect and help lower your stress. 


You can’t unwind in a disorganized, chaotic environment, so first things first: get the clutter under control. Display the cherished items that bring you joy and comfort, and designate a proper place to store everything else. If an item is no longer useful to you and doesn’t spark joy, put it in the trash or the donation pile. Less is definitely more when it comes to unburdening your mind and spirit. 


Color can have a significant impact on your mood. Even if you’re fond of bright, bold hues, be mindful of their impact. A base palette of neutral, muted shades tends to be more effective in creating a serene environment. Having said that, don’t hesitate to add pops of color with vibrant accessories — bringing bursts of joy to your favorite spaces. 


Research has found that smell is the sense most tied to our emotional recollection. One whiff of a familiar, pleasant aroma elevates our sense of happiness and well-being. Another fun fact: studies have shown that women’s sense of smell is stronger than men’s. 

Use your nose’s power to your advantage at home. Scented candles and fresh flowers add instant ambiance and promote relaxation. 


Every winter as days grow shorter, we’re reminded how much light affects our mood. During the day, make the most of the natural light by opening the curtains and blinds and letting it pour in. Arrange your furniture in a way that lets you derive the full benefit. For the transition after the sun goes down, chose lighting that will give your rooms a warm, cozy glow. 


When temperatures fall, is there anything better than wrapping up in something snuggly and buttery soft? Carry that feeling throughout your home with plush rugs, throw pillows and blankets. 

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