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Simplify your life with technological tools

Caregiver's Corner

Keeping all my obligations straight can be a daunting task, as I work full time, am actively involved in several organizations and am the primary caregiver for my elderly parents. I leverage technology to help me be more organized and efficient, allowing me more time to engage in self-care and reducing stress on everyone involved. 

While many applications and devices are available for almost any task you can think of, I use a few consistently because of the features they offer, along with their user-friendliness: 


The calendar app allows me to key in the event, time and location and add any pertinent notes that I need to remember. If I am unsure how to get to the location, directions are conveniently provided within the created event when I enter the address. I also can set notifications to remind me. I often set multiple reminders for each event, a couple days before and a couple of hours before, in case I get caught up at work and lose track of time. 

The calendar app is especially useful for collaborating and coordinating. It is very easy to share events and related information with colleagues and family. Sharing my personal calendar app with my work calendar app keeps all of my events synced and helps me determine my actual availability instead of just my work or personal availability. Many work and organizational commitments fill my calendar and my days, so I rarely can remember my calendar of events without assistance anymore. 

That’s where the voice assistant device helps me. I have programmed the device in our bedroom to announce my calendar of events for the following day at bedtime. It both tickles and annoys my husband, but it is very helpful to me, as it prepares me for the upcoming day. Any event notifications that I have set in my calendar app also are announced through the smart speaker. 

Additionally, my calendar app is set to send me a summary of my daily calendar of events in an early morning email that arrives around 5 a.m. This, too, is very helpful, as it is usually the first email I check when I get to the office or on my phone before leaving the house. Reviewing this email before any other communications helps me prioritize people and things throughout my day and lets me see what is on the calendars of key staff members. 


The note-taking app has become one of my essential tools. I use it to write my Saturday senior tips, take notes when I don’t have a notebook available, keep grocery lists, etc. I also keep notes and information about my parents in one password-protected note on my phone. In this file, I have lists of my parents’ old medicines, any new prescriptions and details of when they were added, pertinent contact information, login information for bill payments, medical notes from doctor visits, important pictures, etc. 

My notes are organized by group (parents, work, etc.) and backed up in online storage to allow me to access them on any device, as long as I have internet access. I often share notes like the grocery list with my husband or meeting notes with team members. I also automate as many payments and processes as possible for myself and my parents to simplify our lives. 

These tools are very helpful to me in caring for my parents and staying on track in my daily life. Most are available to download or use for free on any digital platform. 

Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy is director of technology for Gulfport School District, as well as an author, caregiver, educator and educational technology leader. Reach her at 

Written by Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy

Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy is the author of “The Adventures of Butch and Ruby: Chronicles of a Caregiver” and director of technology for Gulfport School District. She may be contacted at

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