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8 must-haves for moms

Let’s face it, being a mom can be super hectic. With job obligations, household responsibilities and kids who bounce from one activity to another, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few essentials that can make life a little easier.



I cannot live without my air fryer. If I need to make a quick meal, I can throw some nuggets and fries in there and be done in under 20 minutes.



This is one of the best gadgets around — particularly for busy families. If you’re on the go a lot, you can start your meal in the morning, and dinner’s ready by the time you come home. Talk about a major time saver!



Messes are bound to happen. The Little Green Bissell lets you spot clean stains and spills on furniture and carpet.



These dry-erase calendars are perfect way to keep the family on track. They are fully customizable and have plenty of room to add everyone’s schedules.



These wipes are always handy if you’re heading out. When you don’t have the option to wash your hands, these are a great alternative.



There are few things scarier than having to take your little one into a public restroom. They want to touch everything, including the seat. These disposable covers surrounded the seats completely and keep little hands from touching things they shouldn’t.



It’s inevitable that little hands will get into any and everything. Sanitizer is a quick, simple solution to keep your child’s hand protected between washings.



There’s nothing worse than being out and about and having your phone die. A portable charger easily fits into your purse or diaper bag and can give your phone a quick boost.


Ariel Chamberlain is mom and lifestyle blogger based on the Mis- sissippi Gulf Coast. Connect with her via Instagram (@thelemon- soflife1, her blog (www.thelemon- or by email at arielc@

Written by Ariel Chamberlain

Ariel Chamberlain is mom and lifestyle blogger based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Connect with her via Instagram (@thelemonsoflife1, her blog ( or by email at

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