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Top Doctors 2021

Choosing a doctor can be an intimidating process that leaves you feeling overwhelmed by reviews and recommendations. For our annual Top Doctors issue, we go straight to the experts — you, our audience — to create a comprehensive list of the Coast’s best physicians. 

For this year’s listing, we received hundreds of nominations, and our audience was invited to vote for their favorites. 

We are pleased to announce the Coast Top Doctors 2021 winners, selected and trusted by you.


• Dr. James Holland: “He has been on the coast forever, and he is the best at what he does. His staff is great and knowledgeable in what they do. If you think you have an allergy problem, see him. He will find out if you do, and he will work with his staff to have the best outcome possible for you.” 

• Dr. Mark Murray: “(He) spends time with his patients, listens to what we are telling him (and) never rushes through the appointment. (He) really cares about his patients.” – review from healthgrades. com 


• Dr. Paul Mullen: “He will stop at nothing to make his patients better! Working with him for eight years has shown me that he will entertain all possibilities imaginable for his patients for the sake of them feeling better and allowing them to live a better life. Dr. Mullen is a true hero, and he is very appreciated on so many levels by so many people.” 

• Dr. Shwan Jalal: “Always caring and just an overall great person” 


• Dr. Al Dauterive: “Looks and finds where others miss — a lifesaver. Also, great wardrobe!” 

• Dr. Walter Surowiec: “He has been on the Coast for 15 years and has met the needs of patients at Memorial. He is a really hard worker and has great bedside manner.” 


• Dr. Eric Hyde: “The best of the best — my grandchildren love him, and the office staff are great.” 

• Dr. Patton Webb: “Dr. Patton Webb was great. He made me feel very comfortable and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for the excellent service I received. I am truly appreciative with everything.” — review from Gulf Coast Dental Care Facebook page 


• Dr. Angela Wingfield: “She does a great job. She is very conservative and thorough to make sure that she catches everything.” 

• Dr. Ashley Emerson: “She is so caring and a great doctor. She truly has been a great addition to serve the Jackson County community.” 


• Dr. David Eakes: “The most caring ER doctor ever” 

• Dr. Jason Black: “An emergency medicine physician at Singing River Ocean Springs Hospital, (Black) always provides exceptional, high-quality care and service to community.” 


• Dr. Muzaffar Piracha: “Good understanding, good communication, trustworthy” — review from 


• Dr. Alfred McNair: “He’s smart, compassionate, caring and has helped a lot of patients.” 

• Dr. Angela Presley-Wallace: “She displays a very professional and compassionate attitude not only with her patients, but with her peers as well.” 


• Dr. Hope Burkett: “I have never seen a physician go so far above and beyond to care for a patient, not only in clinic, but in the hospital setting as well. She is very passionate about her profession and strives to improve patient care.” 

• Dr. T. Paul Mace: “Dr. Mace is one of the most outstanding doctors I have ever met. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 was devastating. Being a nurse made it worse because I understood the severity. During my first appointment, Dr. Mace took me by the hand and said he would treat me like his sister. Between his care and Dr. (Michael) Diaz ( I like to call them the dynamic duo), I was in good hands. Thank you so much, Dr. Mace, for being amazing. You truly are a gift from God.” — From Google reviews 


• Dr. Donald Gaddy: “Dr. Don Gaddy is an amazing doctor. I was one of his first fertility patients, and he walked with me through every trial during some very difficult years. He has been my doctor and friend for nearly 30 years. He has always answered my questions completely and has never made me feel embarrassed.” — review from healthgrades. com 

• Dr. Alisha Ware: “Alisha truly cares for her patients and offers solutions to problems they may be experiencing, as well as provides education. I can’t say enough about her great bedside manner!” 


• Dr. Nicholas Conger: “Overall, Dr. Conger has an awesome bedside manner and a very friendly staff.” — review from 

• Dr. Jesse Penico: “I was sick for eight months, and we could not find out what was wrong with me. My family was concerned. Dr. Penico was the only doctor that could find out what was wrong with me. I had STARI (Southern tick-associated rash illness). Two months later, and it was like nothing was wrong with me. I would recommend Dr. Penico to anyone.” — from Google reviews 


• Dr. Joseph O’Gorman: “Dr. O’Gorman has been my physician for about 20 years. He is very well trained and experienced. I have found him to be very attentive to my health issues and very caring . He is never in a hurry with me and answerers any questions I may ask .” 

• Dr. Doug Lanier: “The smartest doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with — he’s a doctor’s doctor!” 


• Dr. Abha Mishra: “She embodies what a doctor should be. When I needed monetary assistance with my husband’s meds, she introduced me to a program that would help.” 

• Dr. Lennon Bowen: “He is not only great at what he does, but he brings humor and fun to seeing him, which helps ease the situation. He is over-the-top the best there is in his field.” 


Dr. Sam Shamsnia: “Dr. Shamsnia is a great doctor. He is personable and talented. I give him five stars!” — review from 

Dr. Miguel Melgar: “Dr. Melgar goes above and beyond for his patients’ care.” 


• Dr. David Taylor: “Personable and respectful of all his patients” 

• Dr. Thomas Lehman: “He is an excellent doctor with an amazing bedside manner. I have never had an experience with his services that weren’t a 10/10.” 


• Dr. Pamela Tuli: “Dr. Tuli is an amazing doctor that is constantly continuing her education to provide her patients with the best care possible. Simply put, she is the best!” 

• Dr. Allison Wall: “Dr. Wall goes above and beyond with all of her patients.” 


• Dr. Margaret Phillips: “Dr. Phillips and her staff are all very friendly and made me feel comfortable during all my visits. She is an amazing doctor who talks to you, not over you, about what’s going on and what she is doing during procedures and listens to your concerns during follow-ups.” —review from Restore Oculoplastics Gulf Coast Facebook page 

• Dr. Gregory E. Bertucci: “Chose Dr. Bertucci for PRK procedure — excellent bedside manner. (He) took the time to explain the procedure and genuinely cared for my wellbeing and happiness, few doctors like this anymore.” — review from healthgrades. com 


• Dr. Joseph Cox: “Not only has he brought innovative and advanced spinal surgeries to the Coast, but he cares enough about his community to operate on Stella the Shark — the first shark spinal surgery in the world. I’ve worked with a lot of doctors in the past 29 years, and he is the most caring, honorable and smartest I think I’ve ever known.” 

• Dr. Dudley Burwell: “Dr. Burwell is very compassionate and a great surgeon.” 

• Dr. Dan Wittersheim: “Dr. Wittersheim and his (physician assistant) Dorian are both very good at what they do. They take the time to give you the attention you need and explain your x-rays to you so you understand what is next. The rest of the staff is professional and cheerful, which makes a big difference when you are frightened and in pain.” — from Google reviews 


• Dr. Bart Edmiston: “Dr Edmiston will find out exactly where your pain is coming from and treat it accordingly. He really listens and cares about his patients. He will call you after hours to give you a diagnosis; not many doctors will do that. Dr. Edmiston always has strived to make his patients better.” 

• Dr. Brett Kathmann: “Dr. Kathmann is a ER/wound care doctor that has shown the utmost respect for his patients. To add to this, I’ve seen him go out of his way on weekends he is not working to help arrange the transfer of a child that grabbed a curling iron and needed care from a burn center. I’ve seen the way he interacts with his children patients all the way to elders. He was a gentle way of talking to patients to explain their problems. He likes to take chances and try new treatments when one doesn’t work. He takes the time to listen to his patients to let them know they aren’t alone.” 


• Dr. Timothy Haffey: “Dr. Haffey removed a 3-pound, stage-three cancerous tumor from my neck. He is an expert in ENT procedures and also in plastic surgery. He did not leave me morbid and disfigured; I have complete mobility and function. My scar is almost unnoticeable. I trust him completely.” — review from 

• Dr. Clayton Bratton: “He is a kind doctor who always cares for his patients.” 


• Dr. Bryant McCrary: “He has been caring for our coastal children for almost 40 years. He is amazing with the children and the best at what he does.” 

• Dr. Amy Schepens: “Amazing with children” 


• Dr. Anna K. Pavlov: No review/comment available 

• Dr. Eric Wyble: “He just did my first-ever lip filler and a little Botox around my mouth, and he did an absolutely wonderful job! I will be going back to him. Great work!” — from Google reviews 


• Dr. Andrew Peterson: “He takes the time to listen to you and considers your total wellbeing. By listening, he is able to solve problems and get you on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.” 

• Dr. Tana Cooper: “Dr. Cooper not only is a wonderful, thorough provider, but also a thoughtful, knowledgeable colleague — giving her all on a daily basis to provide the best care for her patients.” 


• Dr. Dorothy Dickson-Rishel: “Dr. Rishel is more than just a good doctor; she is a great listener. I value her caring attitude and the exceptional care she has given me.” 

• Dr. Dustin Marmalich: “Dr. Marmalich resonates compassion for his community through giving grace-filled patient care.” 


• Dr. Summer Allen: “Works endless hours in clinic and ICU to treat COVID patients” 

• Dr. Ijlal Babar: “Dr. Babar has been crucial in Singing River’s expansion of clinical trials and research initiatives and a key player in our fight against COVID-19.” 


• Dr. Leena Pande: “She is the only woman partner in her group but the most capable, gracious and knowledgeable physician I have ever met.” 

Dr. Lisa Smith: No comments/ reviews available 


• Dr. Richa Gupta: “She goes above (and beyond) for you to ease your pain. She knows her stuff!” — from Google reviews 

• Dr. Nicole Walton: “Dr.Walton, Liz and the rest of the staff are all so friendly and kind! They really care about their patients. I will always recommend Dr. Walton!” — from Google reviews 


• Dr. Jacob Jorns: “Dr. Jorns treats patients with respect and compassion. He meets his patients on time and never leaves you waiting or wondering what’s going on. I recommend him to anyone I know needing a Urologist.” 

• Dr. Craig Dawkins: “He’s the bomb! He truly cares for his patients and is kind to staff. He’s always signed his handwritten orders, ‘Thanks, Dawkins.’” 


• Dr. Jeff Sutton: “Dr. Sutton is a very dedicated veterinarian. He is truly concerned about every pet that he treats and treats them as if they were his own. He works very long hours to treat and save so many pets.” 

• Dr. Jennifer Sutton: “very dedicated veterinarian”