The May Day Project 2024

Breaking the mental illness silence and bringing hope

Behind a brave smile, many of us wage a constant battle against negative thoughts and emotions. Although we may put up a good front and seem “normal” to the outside world, some find it hard to get out of bed and function from day to day. Not only can this struggle be hard to articulate, but those living with mental illness also face the stigma society places on their condition, causing many to stay silent.

But as isolated as those with mental health problems might feel, they are far from alone. With our annual May Day section, we strive to bring this important issue out of the shadows and remove the shame from seeking help.

Studies show 26.4 percent of U.S. women had some type of mental illness in the past year. Research also shows that some mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders, disproportionately affect women.

Get help
Having a mental health crisis? Don’t suffer in silence. Call the National Mental Health Hotline at (866) 903-3787.