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8 tips for picking the perfect summer camp

School may not let out for a little while, but both kids and parents are already thinking about summer break— kids because they can’t wait, and parents because they need to be prepared. After all, it’s not easy keeping the little ones engaged and entertained for months at a time.

That’s where summer camps are an essential sanity saver for busy moms and dads. The Coast is lucky to have numerous programs geared toward a range of interests, from theater and the arts to science and nature.

If you aren’t sure which camp to pick for your child, consider these factors:

  1. Make sure the camp’s mission and philosophy align with yours and your child’s goals for the summer.
  2. Pick a camp that offers programs and activities geared toward your child’s likes and interests, whether those include sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventure or academic enrichment.
  3. Check out the camp’s safety protocols, including staff training, emergency procedures, health care facilities and supervision ratios.
  4. Look for camps that are accredited by recognized organizations or licensed by the state, as this indicates compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  5. Evaluate the camp’s facilities, including cabins, dining halls, recreational areas and equipment, to ensure they are maintained to a high standard.
  6. Consider the camper-to-staff ratio to ensure personalized attention and supervision, especially for younger kids or those with special needs.
  7. Understand how the camp communicates with parents/ guardians, including updates on activities, behavioral issues and emergencies, to ensure you stay informed and involved.
  8. Read feedback and reviews online from previous campers and their families to gauge the camp’s reputation, and also consider word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family.

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