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Think about consolidating your IRAs

By Suzie Sawyer //

Do you have traditional, Roth, rollover, or SEP IRAs at different institutions? Or, do you have beneficiary IRA accounts elsewhere? If so, now is a great time to think about consolidating your IRAs.

By consolidating your IRAs, you can benefit by reducing fees and the number of statements you receive as a result of having all your accounts managed by one firm. Choose a firm that can offer you:

  • A full range of self-directed traditional, Roth, rollover, SEP or SIMPLE IRAs, and education savings accounts.
  • Ongoing portfolio reviews of investment and savings objectives.
  • Simplification of your financial affairs, including Required Minimum Distributions.
  • Early retirement strategies for tapping into your nest egg.
  • Assistance with inherited IRAs and beneficiary accounts.

In choosing an investment professional, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does she or he have years of proven experience in helping investors pursue their financial goals?
  • Does she or he protect clients by staying informed about issues that may affect their financial situation?
  • Does she or he conduct a thorough examination of your financial needs, personal risk tolerance, and investment time horizon?

To get started on consolidating your IRAs, or for answers to any other investment-related questions you may have, choose a professional who stays informed and keeps abreast of financial products through study and top-rated programs.

Suzie P. Sawyer is a managing director/investment advisor representative of Trinity Investment Services, LLC and can be reached at (228) 864-4460. Securities offered through Century Securities Associates, Inc. Member SIPC and FINRA.