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Mississippi, the beautiful?


Mississippi, the beautiful. I really want to believe this statement is one of fact, but the eye says
differently. I try to defend Mississippi at all times, especially to those who make judgments about our
state but have never actually been here.
There is one area that I am having a hard time defending — the litter in our waterways and along our
streets and highways. How can a people who love nature as much as Mississippians continue to stand
for litter everywhere? It’s in our waterways, along our interstates, well, you get the picture.
Each week I walk along the front of my property and pick up a bucket or two of trash, usually beer
bottles and fast-food wrappers and containers. It just doesn’t make any sense for people to throw trash
out the window of a car when it’s so easy to drop it in a garbage can.
I recently had a conversation about this issue with a friend, and he was quick to point out that a lot of
the trash that ends up along the highway comes from back of pickup trucks. “People throw it in the back
of the truck, and it gets blown out onto our roads and highways,” he said. Well, if that is the case, then I
would say, “Stop putting it in the back of pickup trucks.”
Anyway, I want to be able to defend Mississippi in all ways. So let’s all do our part and stop the trashing
of our state. Let’s keep Mississippi beautiful.