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This week I was challenged

As I head into week 3 of training with Richard and going to the gym I want people to understand that I am doing this challenge for not only the physical feel good but also my mental and spiritual feel good. I was challenged last week physically, and I experienced a flow of emotions during Friday’s workout. I began the week strong and felt really good. I was so proud! But come Friday, I was tired and the overcoming feeling of self doubt came over me in the middle of my workout. I stood there staring at this huge tire that Richard expected me to flip over about 10 times back and forth during 3 sets of other exercises as well. I was so intimidated! He calmed me down through some meditation and finally it hit me…he was NOT going to let me quit. Even though I wanted to really bad. He kept reminding me to remember what I was doing this for…ME! And you know what, I didn’t quit. I finished. It taught me a lesson. The things in life worth fighting for do not come easy.


I also did the Ketopia Jump Start 7 day system. I felt good and I can already see results in the way I look and how my clothes are starting to fit. I will let you know exactly how many pounds and inches I lost in my next blog. I am really excited about this journey and I am happy you guys are along for the ride! Thanks again to my sponsors: Southern Elite Fitness, Richard Hawthorne, Gulf Coast Cryotherapy, Ketopia, and Robby D’Angelo “The Struggle is Real”. I am still looking for other sponsors to help me along my journey, so if you’re interested please reach out! Have a wonderful week everyone!



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the #WhyWaitTillJanuary challenge are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official endorsement of Gulf Coast Woman, LLC.

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