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For every loss, I’ve gained

I could tell you a story about a little girl who grew up experiencing hard times in a broken home in the Mississippi Delta, but instead, I will tell you how unfortunate circumstances of chance turned out to be the greatest foundation for why that little girl now stands on an unwavering mound of immeasurable faith and extreme gratitude for every valley experience she encounters. The center of this gratitude comes from the will to push past what most people would call their limits and into a place of her selfless living.

That broken home I grew up in was what some would call a bad situation, but inside of that home was a woman named, Mahaley, my adopted grandmother, who surrounded me with the love and acceptance I longed for from people who I thought I needed to make me complete. From that experience, I learned to be grateful for abandonment and rejection …LekeishaCotten_pic_courtesy BrianPearse toned


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