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Fall, winter makeup PUSHES THE BOUNDARIES

by Jackie Merlau//

This season is geared toward pushing boundaries with your makeup. There was a time when makeup was used solely to keep our flaws and features natural or nonexistent, but we are continuing to show women ways to use makeup as an accessory. Think geometric, dark, glossy and futuristic.

winter makeup red shades of lipstick



I have always gone straight for iridescent pearl to highlight the inner corner of my eye. With this new trend, I challenge you to use a silver shadow in the inner corner of your eye instead. Another great way to incorporate this trend would be to use a metallic liquid liner to create your cat eye. Both techniques are a surefire way to put a futuristic pop on your everyday makeup routine!



We hear it every fall and winter: darker lips. However, this year try something extra dark. Stay further away from the red tones and closer to the black spectrum. And don’t just leave these lips matte. Pair your extra dark lips with a clear gloss. Think modern-day gothic.



Peaches have never been given the chance to shine in the fall and winter. So this year, I love that peach is gaining some attention in the cooler months! Whether it is a peach eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick, be sure to give this color a chance!



I’m not sure glitter has ever gone out of style. Play up the eyes with glitter. Try glitter eyeliners on your bottom lash line or tap a bit of glitter on the center part of your eyelid. Feeling really bold? Use glitter as your brow bone highlight. Have fun with this one! Sparkle is very wearable this season.



This is a trend that NEVER goes out of style. Take a break. Skip the contour and keep it simple. Some mascara, blush and a tinted lip balm are all you need to be ready in 3 minutes! Make sure you get a nice peach shade of blush and lip to keep your look fresh and on trend.

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